Friday, 3 January 2014

Feel the Love(drobe)

When I reviewed my new look order the other day I visited the Lovedrobe site to find the pictures of the beautiful Maxi dress (that is now hanging in my overflowing wardrobe), I noticed they had a sale on the site so I decided to take a look. I'd normally say that was a mistake, but considering that I've spent about £360 in the sales recently and £300 of it is being returned, I'm not overly bothered about spending £50 on the Lovedrobe site! I've been getting rather bored of bodycon styles, and I realised recently that my dress wardrobe has been rather taken over by figure-hugging numbers. I don't like to always be wearing the same style, and I decided that I needed to mix it up with more girly, floaty shapes. Where better than Lovedrobe to get such things?!
 I decided to get a batch of super reduced dresses, and in a rather surprising twist, I like all of them! The colour of this dress is so utterly delicious. All of the dresses are above the knee on me, but in another rather wonderful twist they have sensible length bodies, meaning that the waist band actually reaches my waist, rather than hitting me just under the boob like most retailers at the moment! This is a 24 (I'm most definitely a 24, sometimes 26 in Lovedrobe clothing.... not really designed for big norks it seems!) and it fits nicely, but I had to sew up the top as it gaped like mad due to the stretch in the fabric. It's only £9 by the way!
The lining is stretchy and outer is sort of chiffony.... not stretch exactly, but it certainly has a bit of give to it! This is a comfy and lovely dress, I'm tempted to get it in pink too, 'cause I think this is a style that'll be easy to wear to work!
 I've looked at this dress many times, and for £9 I threw caution to the wind and ordered it. This 24 is a bit tight on my bust, but not enough to be uncomfortable. It's similar to the one above in that it is lined with a soft strech fabric and the outer is non stretch. 
It has a cute little ruffle round the waist too! This is the shortest of the batch, but it's still a decent length on me.
  I love the pattern and colours... kind of think it looks like slices of kiwi fruits and ruby oranges from far away?!
 This skater dress is pretty classic, and it's a lovely colour too. The fabric is a bit like ponte so it's stretchy all over, but still quite firm. This size 24 is just right for me!
Super comfy and has nice detailing on the top. I'm not a fan of skater dresses because they tend to be a-line from the waist and catch on my top belly, but this style with the ruched waistband works much better on my shape.
 I think this will go with so many of my pattered jackets / cardigans that I'll get lots of wear out of it... it was only £6!
 This is the one I was really excited about though. Only £11, which is insane for such a lovely dress, it was only available in 22 or 26.... I took one look at the bodice and knew I'd never fit the 22, so I went for 26 and kept my fingers crossed! 
Oh it's so very pretty! The 26 fits me fine, I think the 24 would have been okay if your wondering about the sizing, but I like having a bit of extra room to move! The colour is lovely, and so is the thick crochet style lace!
 This is the longest of the dresses, and frankly I can't wait to wear it out!
Dress 24 - Lovedrobe
Jacket 20 / leggings 20 / earrings & boots - Primark
 I wore this lovely green number out today with matching accessories. This is genuinely the first time I've worn this jacket out even though I've had it for months! That's the problem with being a print / pattern maniac, I've never got anything plain to wear with all my patterned jackets. Not any more!
I've been really impressed with my Lovedrobe order overall. I was a bit annoyed that their '10% off your first order' code doesn't work, and their p&p is very expensive (this order was £9.99 for next day), but they took payment, sent the order out straight away and it did indeed arrive the very next day. Plus I like all the dresses, which is rare as my lovely readers know! In fact, I'm going back now to make another sneaky order, cause now I know what their cut and sizing is like I'm more confident in ordering some of the things I removed from my basket!


  1. love the dresses , the kiwi one is so cute :)
    Melissa x

  2. I like the pink one best. What a great deal!!!

  3. I love a good bargain! I've fallen for the charms of Lovedrobe big-time.... I just have to wear one or two sizes bigger then normal!