Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tale as old as time

 Oh Asos, my love for you is deep, but you do drive me completely insane sometimes! All the items below are size 24 fyi.
 Me and this dress, we just don't work! I felt like Violet from Charlie and the chocolate factory when she turned into a giant blueberry! On top of this, I have realised that I just cannot cope with sequins. They are so itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable. I felt like I was being grated!
 If you like sequins then I have to say that in terms of looks these are really amazing. Length-wise this dress also feels too short for me.
 This is where the waist sits on me. Too hight, and really loose compared to the size of the bust.
This is how I needed it to fit! Never mind, it's not like I have any idea where I would wear this anyway!
I've wanted this dress since I first laid eyes on it, but it was so pricey that I resisted it for ages, I finally caved when it went on sale and was SO excited about it arriving.....
Then it arrived, and I HATE IT! The fabric and design is amazing, but the fit is terrible! Where have my shoulders gone? It probably doesn't help that it's well tight on the top of my arms, but have you noticed the thing that I'm most pissed about? Spot the difference? WHY ARE THE SLEEVES THIS STUPID LENGTH? THE DRESS IN THE PICTURE HAS LONG FUCKING SLEEVES! WHY HAS THE CURVE VERSION GOT THESE STUPID SLEEVES?! 


And again, the waist is really high! Despite getting the 24, this still feels tight against my bust too.
I feel like a clown in this, and it makes me feel a bit sad because the embroidery is truly beautiful. If this was available as a skirt I would snap it up, but this dress, in this cut, with these sleeves.... it just doesn't work on me :(  P's, When I went to get the link for this I noticed that they have re-photographed the real curve version on a different model, and frankly I would never have ordered it if I'd seen those pictures!
 On to something much more positive now! I didn't know how I was going to feel about this dress, because some bloggers loved it, and others hated it. I'm in the love camp personally. I like how casual it is, and I love the razor edges of the soft leather (it's not hemmed).
 This is a proper midi-length on me, quite far below the knee, so I can even imagine wearing it without tights when it gets warmer. The t-shirt is a nice thick fabric and it's very stretchy.
This is the size 24 and I like the fit, it's a bit loose and very comfy, but I could easily have fitted the 22 as the waist band is stretchy and the leather is soft and flexible. I'm keeping this, I think I might prefer it to the other Asos Leather dress I got, but we'll see how I feel once I've worn them both out!
 This bomber jacket is okay, but it's too long for my liking. It's non-stretch satin-like fabric. The colour is lovely and it's nice and lightweight, but it's not for me!
I could have done this up, but it took me so long to undo the fiddly buttons that there was no way I was going to do it up when I was wearing it! There's a lot to be said for zips.
So there you go, one out of three isn't too bad! By the way, these are my new flats from New Look. I love them with a passion. I've been looking for some nice nude shoes for about 3 years (honestly, they're always high heels or super uncomfortable!) and these were in my basket instantly! I sized up from a 7 to an 8 in these, because my stupid wide feet get mega pinched in pointed shoes otherwise!

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