Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wardrobe weekly

The first week back after Christmas always sucks. I wore lots of nice new things to keep my pecker up!

 You guys have seen this one before in a dedicated post, but it needed to be worn to work!
Dress 22/24 - Evans
Leggings 20 and boots - Primark
 I'm very much enjoying my new Lovedrobe dresses, they make me feel younger... not something I generally long for, but some times dressing in a mature fashion can be boring!
I still love this summer bomber jacket I got from Dorothy perkins, it instantly makes a plain dress or skirt look more interesting! 
I'm considering getting this plain one from Asos Curve because I'm so fond of the styling and I think a plain version would some in handy considering how many highly patterned dresses I have!
 Dress 24 - Lovedrobe
Jacket 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings 20 & boots - Primark

 Back to smart after yesterdays funky outfit!
 Jumper 20 & tights XL 100 den - Primark
skirt 2XL - Domino dollhouse
Shoes - New Look

 I was worried that I'd find this dress uncomfortable for a whole day because it squishes my boobs a bit, but actually it was fine, and I really really like it. I got so many compliments on this one, including from my boyfriend. Winner!
 I sometimes forget how fun it is to wear a nice full floaty skirt!
 Cardi 18 - Dorothy Perkins
Dress 24 - Lovedrobe
Leggings XL - H&M
Boots - Simply Be

 I couldn't resist wearing this outfit to work, I am head over heels for this skirt!
Top 24 & skirt 26 - Asos Curve
Leggings 20 & boots - Primark

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  1. I so desperately wanted that Evans dress but sold out on my size! Boo :(

    ive just started a new blog, please check it out