Saturday, 18 January 2014

More Love

I've been sitting on some of these pictures for ages, now I finally have time to actually write the post! This is my 2nd Lovedrobe sale order. I also got a few things I don't want to keep that I'll add to my blog sale (they don't do free returns!) soon. Anyway, this is just the pink version of the green dress I bought, because I love it! I got a 26 'cause the 24 is pretty tight on my bust.
I seem to have found a nude dress that I don't hate on me! This is nice and simple at the front....
..... and a bit more over the top at the back!
I like it with a belt to break it up a bit! I think this is a 26, I think the 24 would have been okay but again, I like room for my boobs!
This dress.... it's a 22, super stretchy, and is a very different colour to the picture online. I feel... errrr... slutty in this one. I think it's a keeper just because I don't really have many things like this, and maybe one day I'll want to release my inner tart?! I feel quite sure my fella will appreciate this dress. The only thing I'm not keen on is that there is netting at the bottom of the skirt, but not at the top. I'm thinking of getting a soft tutu to sew in so the skirt is a nicer shape!
 I wasn't too sure about this shirt - I'm wearing a cardi here, it's actually sleeveless btw - as it's quite long (memories of long tunic tops worn as a fat teenager.... ERGH!) but I wore it out to see how I would get on. I think this is a 26-28 (bollocks is it!) as I knew the 22-24 would be too small for me. This is loose, as it should be, but would be unlikely to fit size 26, let alone a 28!
I decided that I would probably wear it ties up with a skirt rather than long.
 Bit of an outfit for you. This is a 26 (apparently!) and I rather like it. The collar is mega massive so I think it's much better with my hair up, and it needed a belt to nip my waist in a bit, but for £9 you'll get no complaints from me! Oh, and these lush little shoes are from Primark for £6!
This dress is pretty stretchy, thick fabric. Love the coral colour!

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