Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wardrobe weekly briefly

I was only at work for 3 days this week so this is a little bit sparse!

Cardi & leggings 20 - Primark
Dress 24 - Asos Curve
Boots - shop in Camberwell

I'm happy to have got this dress in the 24, and that it stretched out to be a much looser fit... I'm bored of bodycon at the moment!
Dress - George
Leggings XL - H&M
Boots - Dorothy Perkins

I've had these jeans for ages, and I thought it was about time to try them out.
I like the way they look, but after wearing them for a day I've decided that they're not the right shape for me. the waist is a bit too big on me but the thighs are really tight which makes sitting down rather uncomfortable! They have a bit of stretch, but they're not what I would call 'stretchy'. I think I will have to stick with Dorothy Perkins for jeans!
Top & cardi 20 - Primark
Jeans 24 - Tesco True
Shoes - Charity shop

Saturday was our day out to stuff our faces with meat. Bodeans was recommended by many twitter people so that's where we went. I completely forgot to take pictures because when the food arrived I was too excited and just wanted to eat it! This dress is excellent for wearing out if you're going to be eating messy food... wipe clean!
Dress 24 - Asos Curve
Leggings 20, earrings and boots - Primark


  1. I'm loving all these!! My favourite is the pleather dress!! It looks amazing on you :). I'm also loving Thursdays outfit, orange really suits you xx

    1. Thanks Abi! It's actually a real leather dress (thank goodness, I think pleather would make me sweat!). My mum really likes the leather shift on me funnily enough!