Thursday, 16 January 2014

Genuine excitement

It'll be no news to my regular readers that I like bold patterns and prints on my clothing. I look at clothes allllll the time (being fat but not dowdy is hard work.... it's like having a 2nd job!) and when I saw the new Graduate Collection at George online I lost my shit big time!

For me these collections can be hit & miss, (often down to personal taste) and sometimes I love them but the cut or fabric just won't work on my big ol' ass! If they're done in conjunction with the G21 range they're not available in a size 22+ anyway, which was sadly the case with the last collection (above) by Clare Acton. The dresses would have been a disaster on me, but I wanted the tops!
 I'm always happy when there's something in the graduate collection that I like and comes in my size (like the cardi I got ages ago!) but this time round I liked every piece.... believe me it has never happened before!

Bright colours, Geometric prints, knitted....... AND A MAXI?! Oh my goodness, was this collection made specially for me?! I would wear pretty much all of these pieces, and the prices (as always) are so extremely low that there was no way I was going to resist those dresses!
Having looked at Caitlin's website, I think that the best thing about this collection is how true they've been to her style. I know big companies have to create affordable, 'wearable' items that they think will sell (so they don't like to go too far out-there in terms of cut and shape) but they haven't watered it down to the point where you wouldn't know she designed it. Plaudits must be given!

On to the reviews! As much as I like the jumpers in this collection (particularly the yellow one!) I just don't wear thick jumpers very often, so I resisted. I ordered the midi dress and the maxi to try...... obviously!
First up we have the maxi. Lorna from The Ginger Peardrop said at Plus London that clearly maxi dresses were my thing and I was like 'nahhhh.... it's just a coincidence that both times we've met I've been in a maxi'. You know what though, they really are becoming my thing. I keep choosing maxi's for events because I think they look so striking, and my collection of in-your-face maxi's has increased hugely, so this one feels very 'me'. Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat tweeted a link to the dress after I'd ordered it saying 'I can totally see Plump Parsnip rocking this'... I'm clearly the fatshion blogger who always wears maxi's! Oh joy, it is fabulous!

I went for the size 24, because although this is stretchy, the straight lines in the pattern were bound to get caught on all my lumpy bits, and in order to get a more casual look (rather than bodycon) I wanted the biggest size. LOVE!

It's got a lot of give in the fabric and the pattern / colours are delicious! The only thing I'm not 100% about is the length. I'd like it to a bit a tad longer, but of course I'm a touch taller than average so I often find maxi's to be a bit short. No matter, It still works, and I love the sport-lux feel that the horizontal stripes at the bottom of the hem and sleeves brings. A sporty maxi? Fan-fucking-tastic!
When I ordered the midi they only had it up to a size 20, but I loved it so much that I just threw caution to the wind and got the 20!
The good news is that it's super stretchy thanks to the knitted fabric so it's totally wearable, the bad news is that (as with all knitwear) the more it stretches outwards the shorter it gets!
The 20 is very bodycon on me so it shows up my double belly but that's not the end of the world, I love love love the pattern and colour, but it's too short for my liking. I was extremely happy to find today that the size 22 & 24 were back in stock, so I've ordered the 24, which I imagine will be knee length on me rather than midi, but that's totally fine, they often are!
Overall I think these dresses are fantastic. My main gripe with them is that the fabric is a bit itchy, but I'm sure that using a softer knit would have increased the price, and frankly, a midi for £18 and a maxi for £20 is spectacular value for such interesting pieces! See the collection here. Well done George & Caitlin, you SMASHED it! This has really whet my appetite for Evans forthcoming graduate collaborations (Cut for Evans) that are coming out next month, they certainly won't match Georges outstanding price point, but lets hope they can match them in design.


  1. I love the maxi on you!! Suits you so well! £20?! Total bargain! I think I may have to invest. It's good it has long sleeves too, for the winter months. Love! Love! Love! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I love them both. If I wasn't skinter than a skinty skint thing one of these would be mine! x

  3. You look amazing Cassie. And you do really rock the maxi dresses!!! xx

  4. Hello! Really loving your blog, and was cuffed to find the PS blogging world.
    The maxi is so flattering, you look fabulous!
    Bread and Beauty x

  5. God I want but they don't ship to the US I cry :'(
    Now have to go find myself a middle man

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys, these dresses are impressive - Obviously I have a super soft spot for the maxi, I just can't wait to wear it out and about, and I will soon 'cause it's the perfect weather for it!