Saturday, 5 October 2013

Friday feeling

Okay so technically it's Saturday, but I didn't have time to write a post last night because I was doing some very important Terry's chocolate orange taste tests! Yesterday I wore my newest vintage piece...
I saw this dress on ebay and just thought it had so much potential. I got this for £3.20..... I mean come on! What a damn bargain! It's a John Neville size 26 but the seller very sensibly advertised it as a 24 what with the vintage sizing. I think it's a great size, it feels like a size 24 to me and it's nice to have a bit of room in it!
 Originally the dress had these sequin leaves around the neck, but when I tried it on it really dated the dress.
I took off the decorations..... very carefully 'cause I will totally sew them on to something else or turn them into brooches or something, they're really pretty but I just didn't like them on this dress! Look at the colour of this beauty, it's luminous! It has a blue/grey stretch lining with a chiffon overlay and is such a good length on me.
It's got a little opening at the back and you can see the lining underneath which is an unusual touch. Basically I love this dress.
As with some of my other ott dresses I like to dress them down a bit for work if it's just a regular day, so I diffused my hair to make it scruffy, wore my tan Chelsea boots, faux leather biker jacket and my new diamonte cuff. I've mentioned before that I sometimes struggle with proper bracelets when I'm working because they get in the way during my office days, but cuffs are perfect for me. Flexibility is good!
Jacket 24 - New Look Inspire (similar here)
Dress 26 - Vintage via ebay
Diamonte cuff - H&M
Boots - Primark

I've got a sponsored review coming up soon, and I've also ordered some shoes / boots from the new look sale, as well as some clothing from Dorothy Perkins (took advantage of some great discount codes & free postage!). When I get all my goodies I'll be back with some (hopefully) joyful reviews... hopefully everything will arrive on Monday so there is still time to get some of the sale items!

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