Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bon Marche Faux Fur Joy!

I love a bit of Faux Fur, but I find it really hard to find plus size faux fur coats that suit me. It tends to be the shoulders thats I have issues with... I normally get winter coats in a size 24 so that they are spacious enough to fit lots of layer under, but all faux fur's I've tried have such huge, wide shoulders that I look like some kind of gladiator in them. I have one faux fur coat in the my wardrobe which I swear by in the winter. It's a dark brown vintage coat with a bit of a swing style and it has kept me warm while all my friends have been shivering in the bleak mid winter. Nothing but a faux fur or puffa coat works for me when it gets properly cold, but it can be hard to find well fitting and stylish versions of that kind of coat.
I've shopped at Bonmarché a couple of times before, I found them when I was looking for cheap swimwear - I really like their swimming costumes, I have a couple but might have to get a swim dress in the sale! - but I also really like their coats. Hand on heart I'd say that lots of what they sell is aimed at older ladies so much of it isn't to my taste, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many of their coats I liked, and how reasonable the prices are. The coat above is the one I bought a few months back from Bonmarché in the sale for £35 and I love it. It's super comfy and warm and has become an instant wardrobe staple for me. They still have the red version of this in sizes 28 & 30 and the sizing is generous! 
Anyway, when I was browsing the Bonmarché site recently I fell in love with this awesome faux fur coat, so when I got an email from them asking if I'd like to review it I was bloody ecstatic! I've been trying not to buy too many coats this year, because I don't have space for more, but knowing how much I love my dark faux fur I was psyched at the idea of having a light one too! I OBVIOUSLY said I'd love to review it, asked for the size 24 and kept my fingers crossed that it would fit!
I know it's easy to wax lyrical about clothing when you've been given it for free, but seriously, I am over the moon about this coat! Totally sensible shoulder width!
As soon as I took it out of the package I loved the colours, the pattern and the softness of the coat!
My god this is snugly! I am going to wear this loads this winter I just know it. Soft and delicious!
This size 24 is bang-on for me, so I'm pretty sure the 22 would have been too small. It's tricky with faux fur because they're pretty thick & I normally think it's wise to size up. Having said that the reason I love faux fur so much is that I can just wear regular clothes under them in the winter (to combat the freezing outside / boiling inside conundrum!) so it really depends on your shape. If you have a less sticky out bum & bust then your regular size might work just as well. I am very happy to tell you that the arms are nice and generous (I hate tight arms on my coats!).
 The coat fastens with big poppers. My attitude to poppers has changed since I got my Anna Scholz coat last year, I used to think they were a bad idea because they pop open so easily, but actually I haven't had problems with good firm poppers, and these are really firm.
 Love the pockets!
If you're one of those people who always wants to look as slim as possible then faux fur is not for you because (as you can see!) they always add a bit of baulk, but seriously once you've been out for a walk in the snow wearing a faux fur you'll wonder why you haven't been wearing them for years!
 The fabric is thick and warm and it's really well lined. The sleeves are a good length for me too - I often find sleeves on coats can be a short on me (I don't have particularly long arms btw!) which is fine in summer coats but I want my wrists to be nice and warm in the winter so I'm glad this has such good proportions.
 Most importantly It's really super comfortable to wear. Nothing digs in an nothing feels badly fitted.
 Can you tell how much I love this coat?! 
I sort of can't wait for the proper cold weather to arrive so I can wear if for real!
I simply can't believe it only costs £55 at full price. When you think about the fact that this is a big size it makes is such good value for money!
I just cannot recommend this coat enough. It's selling out fast but luckily it's the bigger sizes that are still available (20/22/24) so if you like it get it here. If you think the pale snow leopard version is a bit too ott for you then they also have the same coat in a black faux fur with a different texture here, also £55 and available in sizes 10-24. The only other thing I have to say about this coat is that I wished it went above a size 24. It's great that Bonmarché go up to a 24 as standard, but their plus section (sizes 26-32) seems a bit neglected at the moment, and I'd love to see a coat like this available for girls above a size 24. Overall though I'd like to thank Bonmarché for giving me this awesome coat, It is warm, fluffy, and makes me feel oh so Christmassy!
Hat - H&M
Faux Fur Coat 24 - Bonmarché
Top 18 - Primark
Jeggings 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Vintage

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