Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wardrobe weekly

 I knew from quite early on that Monday was going to be a shitty day!
I generally try to plan my outfit the night before work, but occasionally I don't remember and that some times leads to a 'nothing goes with these trousers' situation. When I wake up feeling really shitty and don't have an outfit planned, I generally go for something I've put together and worn on a previous occasion so that I don't have to think about it too much. This was well comfy when I wore it a few weekends back so it seemed like a good option.
Dress 22 - Marks and Spencers
Cardi 24 - New Look inspire
Boots & socks - Primark
Ring - Ziska

On the plus side my MUA order arrived on monday and I finally have the 'undress your skin' highlighting powder I've been after for months!

 I always feel sexy in this dress (errrr... can you tell?!).
It hugs my body so well, and the fabric is so slinky and delicious... my friend patted my shoulder and then ended up stroking me and ooohing at how nice it feels!
Dress 22 - E1 from Simply Be
leggings 20 - Primark
Boots - Primark

 My original intention was to wear this dress with my maroon loafers, but the weather had other plans. That's why I'm wearing my witch booties and am looking a bit Beetlejuicy!
Dress 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Bangles - vintage
Tights XL - Primark 100 denier
Witch booties - Primark

Thursday was a mad day (with added work fury!) so this is a quick snap of me on the way out to lunch.... old outfit, old favorite!

Cardi / top 20 & bag - Primark
Jeans 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Ring - ebay
Brogues - charity shop

 I like a bit of rock chick chic now and again... particularly when it's a £10 dress!
 Dress 24 - George
Leggings XL - H&M
Boots - Matalan (mens)

 Had a fun day charity shop trawling for an 80's outfit for my boyf. We had a lush day in which I had a vegetarian sausage that was so much like a real sausage in texture and flavour that it blew my mind, and not only did we find a rather fetching silk shirt and pleated slacks for him, but I got myself a couple of nice old lady pleated midi skirts.... something I've been looking for for ages! To quote my beloved sister 'you wear our grandmas clothes, you look incredible'!
 Out for a Friends birthday on Saturday night.... I'm still suffering the effects as I type....
 Dress 22 - Beth Ditto for Evans
Tights XL - Prikmark 100 den
Shoes - New Look


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