Sunday, 20 October 2013

The show must go on

I've been a bad blogger recently.... I seem to be increasingly busy at the moment and mixed with the body clock confusion that I can't shake (now I'm getting up in the dark again) I'm feeling very tired and just haven't found time for blogging. It takes ages to write these things, upload pictures, add labels and links etc, and to be honest I'm not even sure that people actually READ what I write.... I'm a bugger for just flicking through blogs and looking at pictures! Having said that if the clothes in the pictures are things I want to buy I read them thoroughly, so although this post is late (and a bit shoddy!) I thought it would be worth posting. Part of my weariness for the last few weeks has meant that when I try something on I've ordered, and it's shit, I just can't be bothered to set up my tripod and take pictures... I just get stroppy, shove it back in it's packet and send it back straight away! I will totally explain what was shite about them now, and I'm sorry for the lack of photographic evidence!

This asos shirt.... oh for gods sake why should I be surprised by this any more?! On me the size 24 fit was as follows; unacceptably low cut, even on a woman like me with a long torso and low boobs, and would certainly require a vest underneath. Too tight across the bust, fine on the waist, way too tight on the hips.... basically it's got no shape, it's boxy. Disappointed because I love the collar and the black piping. I also tried a black shirt from the New Look inspire sale has now disappeared from the site so all I can say is that I didn't like it and sent it back! CRAP!

So I finally tried the flapper dress from my wishlist. The 24 was to small everywhere but the shoulders and waist.... I should have known, one of the reviewers said that the sizing was off but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Why would you make a flapper style dress so small? They're supposed to be loose for fecks sake! SHIT!

I was SO EXCITED when I saw this dress on the George site, not only because it only cost £18, but because it was my dream-come-true for a tapestry dress! Isn't it stunning?! To be on the safe side I went for the size 24...

This is me crying. I HAD to photograph this one so got my boyf to take a couple of snaps of my misery! I could JUST get into this dress, but good god it is SO TIGHT on the skirt. Also too short for a dress this style. The skirt is thick non-stretch fabric and the bodice is stretch ponte type fabric. I couldn't sit down in this, which is crazy for a size 24, and is not something I normally find with George. I know it's not me getting bigger 'cause none of my clothes have ceased to fit me recently (non-stretch and jeans included!) but more and more I find size 24 dresses are super tight on my bum and belly. What is going on?!

The stupid thing is that the stretchy part of the dress is massive! I was too sad to even zip it up! Basically this size 24 dress feels like a 26 on the top and a 20-22 on the bottom. BOLLOCKS!

On to something more cheerful... I kept two dresses from my George order. One I might wear to part of Plus London three so I won't show it to you now (I like to break out something surprising once in a blue moon!) but this £10 swing dress just seemed so bargainous that I had to try it.
Please excuse the stuff on the bed, the fact I've got a white bra under this and a make up free face! As much as I like the Asos red leopard swing dress that loads of other bloggers bought recently, I just prefer my swing dresses to have long sleeves. At this time of year I would have to wear a cardi to keep my arms warm if I had the asos one, so I thought this was a nice (and super cheap!) alternative. I really really love cobalt blue so I'm loving this colour... when I wear this to work I might go for full on smoky bright blue eyes to match! The day after I ordered this Natty Nikki blogged it, and I knew I'd love it when it arrived!

This is a size 24 but I needn't have sized up as it's pretty generous, not in the way ASOS Curve swing dresses are - I get a 20 in those - but I'd say get your normal size. It's easy to tart this up with a belt if you're not a swing fan. I think for a tenner this is fantastic value, and so great to chuck on when you feel a bit bloated or shitty 'cause the print does all the talking!

 Last but very definitely not least are these friggin' wonderful shoes from New Look. They're real Suede, they're £22.99 and they come in 4 colours. They are old school flats and I love them!
 It's the shape of the toe that drew me to these, and I fit in the size 7 despite the points because the suede is not lined and is soft and flexible. good toe cleavage and pretty comfortable for pointed shoes.
I so nearly got them in blue, but then reminded myself that I NEED black shoes and boots for 80% of my outfits and should therefore take the opportunity to be sensible for once. I recommend these, they're fab!

Having just bought a new bed I'm trying to not to buy too frivolously but I'm working on my Christmas frock post (which is obviously super exciting!), I'm going to my first plus size event thingy soon (It's Gok, so I had to say yes.... will try not to go on at him about food!) and I hope to have some exciting reviews coming up too!


  1. Love the blue dress! Ooh I got invited to the GOK thing and I can go! It will be great to meet you!
    w x

  2. I read your blogs from start to finish so don't think that we're not thoroughly reading them! I love the blue George dress,think I might have to find one!
    I'm struggling with the whole season change thing too. I just don't want to get out of my snuggly bed at 5am when it's dark and cold! Oh well needs to pay etc!

  3. Gosh I love your blog and I do read them even when I am not particularly into a specific look. and I cant say that about ever fashion blogger i follow but I like the way you write and your honesty

  4. Thank you for the shout out, and you look fantastic in that dress x I am going to the Gok event too so I will see you there! x

  5. I've found you really inspiring (as well as getting some great dresses from you), so please don't give up! Your recommendation of long Sloggis was brilliant too; so comfortable!