Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rockin' Festive Frockin'

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, well, not quite, but if your anything like me you like to have your Christmas party frocks sorted well in advance of advent, and the shops are already stocking a delicious variety of christmassy dresses. Here are the ones I'm loving....

Classic Little black Dress

Everybody needs at least one LBD in their collection. Me being me, I have at least 3 go-to black dresses... one funky, one smart and one sexy. I can always turn to them for work events and cocktail parties!

This is a cute dress by little mistress via Asos curve, I like that it has long sleeves and the detailing in the shoulders is so christmassy! Get it here
I really LOVE this Koko dress from Lovedrobe... I want this one for myself, it's extremely cool and sexy! Get it here

I know that not everyone is comfortable in bodycon dresses, but you can get a LBD that doesn't cling. This Project D dress from Simply be is so sophisticated, and the panels on the side give it an edge. Get it here

Maximum Impact!

I think when it comes to a grown up and sophisticated look you can't go wrong with a maxi. If you want a dramatic look, I think a maxi can work wonders... the key is to make sure that your hair goes with the style of the dress!
Ahhhh such a ladylike maxi by definitions from Very.... It's really a special occasion dress, and what's more special that Christmas?! Get it here
 This Asos Curve maxi just screams cool at me. I would be very impressed to see someone rocking this at a Christmas party... it's so chic! Get it here

This maxi (also via Very by Definitions) is just so cool that surely I don't need to comment on it? WANT! Get it here
 I love this Lovedrobe maxi dress, it's the sort of thing I could wear on boxing day when I see my extended family. It's charming and ladylike! Get it here


At Christmas when your surrounded by glitter, tinsel and fairy lights you need to sparkle or you will be outshone.... NOT ON MY WATCH!
Colour, pattern, sequins and sleeves. This Junarose dress via Asos Curve is a winner! Get it here
Okay, so I have to concede that some of you may not want to look like a mirrorball, so maybe something like this Art Deco inspired Lovedrobe dress would be a good bet. Subtle but still has a bit of sparkle! Get it here
A sequin dress that is also a LBD?! Ax Paris are smashing it! This black version is available via Very and you can get it here
Looking for a mega snow queen white Christmas dress?! This is a sparkly party dress from heaven (well, actually it's from Simply Be!), get it here
As lovely as the AX Paris dress is, it's nice to have a version available with a longer sleeve and a slash neck, so this Claire Richards sequin dress from Simply be is a great alternative. Get it here
 Here is one for the girls who don't like the bodycon or shift dress shape... how about a delicious sequin skater dress?! Ax Paris via simply be for the win! Get it here
Doesn't this Project D dress just SCREAM Christmas at you?! I think the sequins look like fairy lights! Get it here
 This AX Paris dress from Simply be is the Queen of the sparkly dresses. It is frankly one of the most exciting dresses I've seen in a long time, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to resist its charms! It's blue, it's green, is shiny.... it's magic! GET IT HERE!


I am proper obsessed with velvet. This year I have been bitten by the velvet bug, and to be honest I think it is the most Christmassy of all fabrics. Velour dresses are really flattering in my experience, and when they're stretchy they are just the best thing ever!
Heaven.... I'm in heaven.... Oh lordy lord would you look at this red velour beauty?! this bargain red dress from Bonmarché was basically my dream come true, so I ordered it!
I'm wearing the size 22 and it's perfect. I love it!
It fits like a dream and is soooo comfy!
This is how the dress looks without any support undies... just a regular bra and pants and my big fat body, and I hope you can see that it actually skims very well and doesn't cling too much or draw too much attention to my lumps & bumps. I would easily fit into a size 20, so I think you could get away with wearing the size 24 as a 26. Get this dress here
Bonmarché also have this lovely patterned velour dress that would be perfect if you don't feel confident in full on shiny velvet. The ruching is so flattering! Get it here
If you want something a bit less classic and a bit more edgy then this little skater dress from Simply Be is super cute! Get it here
She wore bluuuuuuuuue Velvet (whoa whoa whoa!) and it is SEXY! I love this colour, and I imagine that this simply be sculpting design would help to create a delicious silhouette! Get it here

Something a bit special

But what if you don't want a typical Christmas dress? What if you just want a nice dress to wear at Christmas? How about these beauties!
I always think that green is a great colour for Christmas, elf-like I guess! This Definitions dress from very is just lovely. Get it here
What a pretty dress, again from Simply be. Super fashionable tapestry print and lovely long sleeves! Get it here
 Some of us are ruched red velour girls, and some of us are rock chicks! Just because it's Christmas it  doesn't mean you have to change your style and this PU ASOS Curve dress is too cool for school (and is much cheaper than it's leather sister!) get it here
My AX Paris scuba dress is definitely going to be broken out over the festive season, I love it! Get it here
 I have wanted this dress from the first moment I saw it. It's not one for the faint hearted because it's such a 'LOOK AT ME' dress, but my goodness it is special isn't it?! This would look amazing in a room full of black cocktail dresses don't you think?! Get it here

Miss Moneybags
Some of my readers might have more disposable income than me, or maybe they just want an investment piece? Either way, us fatties do have a few designer options and that is NEVER a bad thing!
This Tia dress is bloody lovely... I know this for a fact because I saw it at the slink boutique pop-up shop recently. I'm here to tell you that if you get it from curvety it is a considerably cheaper, and I'm sure it would be a dress you could wear over and over! Get it  here
Do you have more money than sense? Then I might have the dress for you. This (ridiculously expensive!) dress from Slink Boutique is stunning in real life, much better than this picture suggests... trust me, I saw it! Get it here
Anna Scholz, figure hugging, double Silk, snake print, bright colours, jewel embellishments. 'Nuff said. Get it here 
A bandage dress with a turtleneck sheer polka dot cropped bodice?! Genius innit?! Another Tia beaut from Curvety, get it here
I do so love Igigi for when it comes to classy frocks. I adore the golden sheen on the blue jersey fabric, and I know this dress looks amazing on because I've seen it on Rez here. Buy this dress here
I want your sex. So will everyone else if you go out in this! Get it on here

A casual do
Not everyone has a posh Christmas do, so if you're just going down the pub for a laugh then you might want something more casual....
Fair Isle = Christmas in my book. This little Asos curve number is super cute and casual but still festive through and through! Get it here
Off the shoulder is always sexy, and this dress manages to be super sexy, girly (thanks to the lace) and still casual because of the sweater dress style. Winner! get it here
This Lovedrobe dress from Simply be is very similar to my lovedrobe shirt dress, and it's a great dress that feels casual because of the shirt style, but dressy because of the sparkle. Get it here

Bargain basement!
Every year I say I'm not going to by new dresses for Christmas, and every year I do! If like me you are trying to resist spending in a big way then here are my favourite cheap party dresses, all under £30!
You can't go wrong with a lacy red dress in the festive season, and this Pink Clove number is a bargain at £26! Get it here
I really like this pink clove dress.... I hope it's not as short in real life as it looks on the model, because I really want to try it, and the idea of a lace swing dress (in scarlet no less!) is too exciting to pass up! This dress is only £24, get it here
I always loved this asos curve bodycon dress. I love it even more now it's £15 in the sale! A dress to get noticed in.... get it here here
Who'd have thought that you could find a sophisticated LBD with modern sequin detailing for £22.... thanks to George you can! Get it here
I love this casual baroque maxi dress from Excite clothing... I love the £14.99 price tag even more! Get it here
I'm not sure if this is particularly christmassy (yeah okay, it's not at all!) but for £17.99 this kick ass hummingbird print dress is perfect for parties. WANT WANT WANT! If you want it too, get it here

PHEW! Mammoth blog post done! I hope I've inspired you and your festive dress plans. When December finally arrives I will be wearing Christmassy outfits pretty much everyday, so make sure you check in here to see how I dress during the festive-season!


  1. Your love of dresses is awesome! I now want most of them! lol

  2. I've decided to order that AX Paris dress, the green blue one, for my Xmas party! Fingers crossed!!

  3. Mmmmm that red velvet is lovely. It's very similar to a Collectif one I own, maybe you can still find them floating around on Ebay?

  4. I just bought the red velvet dress so I wanted to thank you for sharing. It's beautiful! :-)