Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ohhhh the joy of buying new things! There was no way I could pass up the New Look sale or the Dorothy Perkins special offers, so I purchased some lovely things (mostly lovely anyway!)

Starting with New Look, I went shoe-mad! The sale is so cheap and cheerful.
First up are these funky boots - they're faux leather, £12 in the sale. 
I just had to try them. To me these are mid heels although I'm sure any normal woman would call them low heels. I can just about manage a heel is it's chunky, and I thought these would be good with skater dresses, maxi's and jeans, so for £12 I'm on to a winner.
I sometimes have to go up to a size 8 in New looks regular boots, but the 7 is okay on me... no thick socks but hey, I can deal with that! They feel like they're going to be quite comfortable so I'm keeping 'em! Sorry to say that they seem to have sold out now but they have similar here.
Next up are a little pair of gold slippers that I figured I may as well try 'cause they were only £7! I love a bit of cutout lattice type thing on shoes.
I don't think these are supposed to be wide fit but they're much more generous that other slippers I tried in New Look (I tried to get some of these in store rather than ordering them online & tried tons of stuff on and most of the size 7 slipper & brogues were too small for me in width and length) so these fitting is a pleasant surprise! 
These were full price in store last week so although they have sold out of these online you may snap them up in your local new look. You can get something similar for £7 here though!.
Last on my New Look Odyssey were these glorious loafers! They are so perfect for my odd feet... I have been looking for loafers for flippin' ages! These are wide fit and are a generous size so the 7 is great, don't pinch me at all (If you don't have square feet like me I'd recommend sizing down!) and they feel so right on my feet. I love the fringing and although i thought I'd hate the chain I really don't mind it on this colour at all.
Oh my how I love them! I've probably said this before, but I am so utterly shite at buying black shoes, despite the fact that I ALWAYS need black shoes.... I looked at the black version of these and went 'yeah but dark red is such a cool autumnal colour', failing to remember the oxblood brogues I already have! Oh well, these are actually more of a burgundy than a deep red so they will go with purple better than my brogues.
I have instantly ordered the black pair too (£12 for gawds sake!) in order to be sensible (I'll cut the chain of of the black ones to make them super plain though!). LOVE!

On to Dorothy Perkins!

I made this order because I wanted this Skirt (not in the sale) and am sad to say that the waistband is just too tight for me to wear comfortably. I'm sad because I love this skirt.... closet thing I've found to a Jibri style. 
It doesn't look too bad in the pics but I can only get it on if I put it over my top belly at the front and under my back flab at the back and it really digs in. WAY too small when I sit down as you can imagine! This is a 22 and has no stretch to the fabric or waist. Never mind, I've live with the disappointment! For you ladies with a smaller waist than me this will be great for you, it's a fabulous skirt and if they did bigger sizes I would definitely size up!
This dress is oddly generous for a Dorothy Perkins 22. I really like how it pulls in at the waist, but for me it's then too loose over my hips. If you have big hips or a big bum then seriously try this dress (maybe size down though!). For once it is a proper midi dress!
I was very happy to see this dress in the sale, because I loved my Asos version (navy and burgundy stripes) but I sold it after deciding that it was just too short on me. I wanted it to be at least knee length. this beauty is very similar but has black stripes instead of navy (which makes my leggings / tights options much easier at least!) and is a decent length midi. Again, this size 22 is really generous. It's stretch jersey, but it's really quite wide on the hips. I never understand DP, they cut their non-stretch clothing quite small but as soon as lycra is involved the cut is really generous.... I swear that's back to front!
Loving this dress. Keeping this one, and it matches my loafers down to the ground! They have sold out of this version but this is basically the same dress with a slightly different stripe. DP has loads on lovely bodycon dresses in the sale, all different lengths & styles so I recommend trying some out! All I need now are some decent tights to wear with it. Oh god... the search for decent black tights begins!

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