Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cheap-ass tights!

The only black tights I own are from Primark. I have quite a few pairs of their 'super cosy' tights in black (none of the other colours fitted despite all being XL!) and they're the only tights I ever wear. They are too hot for this time of the year though, and they're not very smart because they're a bit ribbed and fluffy, so I really wanted to find some decent tights to wear with smart dresses & skirts.

I got 3 pairs to try, these are all size XL which is supposed to fit up to a size 22-24 with a height of up to 5 foot 8.

 First up are the £2 80 denier appearance microfibre tights.
 This is seriously as far up as I could get these. Bit of a shame because they are lovely and opaque and feel so soft and silky. You can see how shiny they are. Oddly the coral coloured pair I bought on sale in Primark a few weeks back are the same tights (80 den microfibre 3D) and they fit me, so it might be a case of typical Primark size disparity, or they have put the wrong sizes in the packing. Who knows?! Either way these are no good!
 Next are the £2.50 100 denier appearance microfibre tights.
 Bingo! These are a great fit for me, and they are smooth and soft. They're pretty good in terms of opaqueness on the main bit of my legs, and they are long enough to pull right up (which I pretty much insist on my tights doing!) so I'm happy with these. I assumed that they will chafe after a while because I've never worn tights without getting a bit of chafing, but maybe I'll put a bit of anti chafe gel on my thighs to double the protection?! A big thumbs up to these, I plan on getting a few more pairs.
 The last pair I tried were the £3 120 denier appearance velvet touch tights.
These fit me, but they're a less comfy fit that the 100 deniers. They are more opaque which is great, but they have a little less stretch so I can't pull them up as far as I'd like. A minor complaint as these are nice soft tights. I do think these will cause a bit more friction between the tighs than the 100 den because they have a slightly wider ribbing, but these could be a great cheap option for girls my size, even better if your a bit shorter than me!

There you have it, my super quick tights review. Hallelujah for Primark, without whom I would have to spend a small fortune on black tights!


  1. I find primark tights are always wide and stretchy enough, just not long enough on the leg. Saying that I'm 5ft9 and a size 20 so technically the XL should go over my ass? Sadly not. Thanks for the heads up though :)

  2. Tights are great.... but are they fart proof pffffft!!