Sunday, 29 September 2013

Inspire my arse

I know I write posts like this quite regularly, but despite appearances I really don't enjoy writing moany posts.... I write lots of them because I come across a lot of shit clothing! If I order an item of clothing, I order it because I want it. I want it to fit and I want to wear it. What I don't want is to have to keep buying stuff that I have to send back all the damn time! It becomes exhausting you know?! I am TRYING to give these companies my money yeah?!  Sorry for the quality of the pics... my snappy cam doesn't like black clothing!

On to my little New Look order...
I was expecting this skirt to be very short but it's actually a decent length. The size 24 is above the knee on me but it'll depend on your height. The problem I have with this is that it's basically a thick jersey, which is far too soft and stretchy to work with a zip like this... you can see how bent the zip is, it ruins the look in my opinion... will defo work from some gals, but not me!

 I was really excited about this jumper. I really wanted it to fit and be nice. I went for the 24 'cause I didn't want a tight fit... wanted this to wear with jeans really. I WASN'T EXPECTING IT TO BE DIPPED HEM! It says 'slouchy fit' not dipped hem! It's not just a little dip, it's properly dipped.
 Basically it's long on my ass (the bit I happily show off at every opportunity) and short on my belly (perfect to draw attention to how massive it is!). I HATE DIPPED HEMS! seriously I am sick to the back teeth of  this style. I always hated it.
I tried it backwards to see if I could salvage it, but nope. The zip comes up too high so it's super uncomfortable. Oh lord... but this is nothing compared to the beaut I saved until last!
What the bloody hells bells is this dress supposed to be? I've only ever tried a few Lovedrobe items, mainly because they do veer towards the short-side as a rule, but I figured I might be safe with this plain dress, it looked like it might be almost midi length. I now realise that it looked long because the bust is SO HIGH! My tits would have to be touching my chin to fit in to this size 24 monstrosity! It is one of the wierdest cuts I've ever come across!
Typically my camera batteries died at this point (it was as exhausted as me I guess!) so I had to take the other pictures on my phone. Look at this utter madness... there is no room for boobies at all!
Disaster! This could have been a lovely dress is the sizing and cut was in anyway designed for a plus size woman. The colour is so vivid and beautiful. What a massive dissapointment.

This is what life is like for fat women. We can't discover that the cut of a dress is bonkers in the shops so we have to order it, wait for it to arrive and then try it at home... the anticipations makes the disappointment so much worse, and having to then return it is a pain in the ass. This is why it is so important for companies to make sure their sizing is accurate, consistent, and that their patterns are sensible!

There are loads of things I want to try from New Look Inspire at the moment, many of which are from Koko / Lovedrobe, but I haven't got a clue what size I would need and they're too expensive to just buy a range of sizes! BOO! I'm not enjoying shopping with online retailers at the moment, I'm getting most of my new stuff from Ebay. Wait till I tell you about my Bon Prix palava! I'm so pissed off with it all!


  1. Good God, I've seen some weird cuts in my time, but that blue dress..... Whoever made that has never seen a woman let alone a plus size woman.

    Dipped hems & cold shoulders are everywhere at the moment and I hate them with every inch of my soul.

    I've ordered that zip skirt, hope it sits ok on me. :s

  2. Totally agree bugs me that those dipped hems are so short on the front and look hideous from the back. Time they got rid of this design. As for that dress and suchlike do they ever fit a plus size bosom!!!!!!!! I cannot remember the last time I could get mine into anything made like that. Sian so right definitely not made by plus size woman.

  3. I'm sorta bummed I really wanted that skirt, glad you tried it before me.
    I have found lovedrobe to run small and they always fit me off too, I've yet to get one that I didnt have to return.

    You are my fave blogger I love your style :)