Friday, 20 September 2013

Attack of the Primark!

Oh god, I shouldn't go to Primark! I don't find a huge amount of stuff I want there during the summer months, but when it gets cold I could spend a fortune in there!

I tried a batch of stuff that I've been looking at on my last few visits because I thought you might want to see! Everything in this post is a Primark size 20. Bear in mind that I'm a size 22/24!
 First up is this £6 super thin & soft jumper. I wore my sand coloured version of this to work today and it's so perfect for this weather - thin enough to not make me feel too hot, but warmer than t-shirts (which is what I would normally wear with my pencil skirts!). It will be ideal when the weather gets really cold and I wear my massive coats! In typical Primark style this is smaller than the identical version I have in a different colour, but they're both lush and I like the tighter fit! They come in a variety of colours and are so super stretchy and lush. You'll find them on shelves, not hanging up btw.
 Along with the soft jumpers they have this more rough & transparent kind (also £6). I'm not so keen on these because I'd have to wear a vest underneath to work, and they're a bit short for my liking. Generously sized though!
 Okay, so I love love love the Simply Be feather look cardi, but it's so damn pricey! This one is £12, and is so snugly and yummy. It comes in a variety of colours, but there was just something about this dark moss green that stole my heart!
 I couldn't get into this skirt with the pleather panels.
 They have a whole batch of these polka dot pencil skirts in a range of colours. They're super stretchy (would fit a 26/28 easily!) but as you can see they don't leave much to the imagination! £8, extremely comfortable and super cute, but I would definitely wear this with a long top to hide my belly!
 There are a few skirts like this one in different colours, with different flocked patterns on them. This grey one is lovely - stretchy but firm.... it does suck my belly in a little bit. £8, and a great work skirt in my opinion. I didn't go for this grey one in the end because I just wasn't keen on the colour on me. I don't think grey suits me in anything other than jackets and coats, but luckily there were other options available for greedy parsnips!

 I kept looking at these amazing glittery skirts... finally bit the bullet and tried one. They come in a fabulous nude colour, this blue, black and red. I can't remember if these were £8 or £10, either way, pretty bargainous!
 Again, it really shows up my mega belly, but that's because it's super dooper crazy stretchy! This would certainly fit a super plus gal, and the midi length means it would still be a great length is stretched sideways. I love how glittery this is, it made me feel christmassy!
 I would wear it with a long top though... pretty cute without my rolls hanging out huh?! I also think you could pull this up and wear it as a tube dress if you wanted. This is my other primark £6 Jumper btw!

Here is what I actually bought......
 Of COURSE I got this cardi. I had to have it, it's so freaking snugly! Now then, the hat.... I have wanted a bowler style hat for ages, but I am always very aware that they are often worn by hipsters (Shoreditch wankers as I call them!) and young girls who look much more interesting than they actually are. I saw this, and it was only £8, I tried it on and thought 'fuck it'! I can wear this hat if I damn well like, and no hipster is going to stop me! £8 for a decent felt / wool style hat is pretty impressive. The only other place I've seen such bargainous hats are on ebay from china, but they're around the same price and would be crushed by the time I got them!
 Like I said in my 'big love' post, I should wear more hats, they're a perfectly valid accessory!
 Can you sense how soft and fluffy this cardi is?! Love love love!
 Well ride me sideways if I didn't buy another hat! It's a fucking wine coloured Fedora for £8.... It would have been rude not to!
Stretchy fest! So obviously I got the red version of my sandy jumper - it's why I went to primark in the first place! I chose the red flocked skirt because I preferred the colour and print....
It's a smaller fit than the grey one so be warned! They may look like different versions of the same skirt, but each colour has different amounts of stretch! I like that this straps me in though.
Along with my awesome hats, I also got some socks for my autumn shoes (wearing these all the time at the moment because trainer socks always show!) and I thought I'd try some of their XL tights which were on sale for £1, because they are supposed to fit up to a size 24.... I'll get back to you on that! The earrings....
Christmas! I plan to give a pair to both of the girls in my office because we are festive loonies! The gingerbread men are staying with me though. 6 pairs of festive studs for £2? GET IN MY BASKET!
I got this £1.50 bun band with flowers on....
And last but not least, I got these cat eye sunnies & leopard case on sale for 50p each! Super chuffed with all my Primark goodies!

I saw some kick ass stuff today, here are some of my favourites.....

 I have a massive boner for velvet at the moment (I've got some velvet coming up in my next posts!) and I'm particularly enamoured by crushed velvet.
 More crushed velvet. So damn festive!
 LOOK at these socks! I nearly bought loads of the jewel & rose printed ones, but stopped myself because I didn't want to go over a £50 spend (my basket came to £49.50 in the end!) but I LOVE THEM!
Super cute dress.... only for those of you with a small waist though!

That's all folks, don't forget I'm having a blog sale..... I NEED to sell my old stuff as penance for buying SO MUCH NEW STUFF! xx

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