Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Julia goes plus size at Tesco clothing

 Are you sick of seeing fatshion bloggers in powerfit dresses? Yeah okay fair enough, me too if I'm honest but hey now, whoa there, I got something a little bit different to show you.... and it's NOT from Evans!
So now, as it happens Simply Be were not the first company that asked me to review a piece of clothing. I happened to get the Anna Scholz dress first, but before all that I was asked to try a piece from the Julia range that is being sold through Tesco. I have no idea why they asked me... the Tesco plus size range True is very much hated by me because it is (in my opinion) insultingly un-stylish and horribly un-sexy. Maybe that's why they wanted to draw my attention to a new plus size range?!
I am all for any new range of clothes for us fatties and after checking out the standard sized Julia range I said "yes please I would love to try a dress thank you very much!". 
 It is far too hot at the moment for this dress, but I take my reviewing seriously so I got dressed up anyway & made my mardy-arsed boyfriend take the pictures!
 The dress is made from Ponte-like fabric, quite thick and very stretchy. This is the 24 but I would have got into the 22 easily enough I think. This is as tight as I would choose to go though so I'm glad I went for the larger size! The dress is lined with a super stretchy mesh fabric.
 I'm really impressed with the quality of this dress, it's very well made. I also really like the length, it's bang on the knee for me, so for girls of average height it should be just below the knee which is a super flattering length. You know me, if I thought it was crap I would say so, but it's really well put together and I will absolutely wear this to work when the weather turns!
Lets be realistic about this now. This 'illusion' dress is very similar to the 'powerfit dress' from Evans. The fabric / lining / cut is pretty much identical so I suspect its one of those situations where the dress is made in the same place but sold to different companies.....
... I have a few reasons why the Julia version is exciting though.... It's £10 cheaper than the Scarlett & Jo dresses (okay that's the only reason I really needed!), and it has a much more quirky neckline - as much as I like a v-neck I do get a bit excited by this kind of angular shaping! In addition to all this Julia is new and I really hope that the range will be popular, maybe then Tesco clothing might realise that it's worth offering FOXY plus size clothing!
I really feel good in this dress. The flash shows up my belly more than natural light does but if you want to hide your belly then this colour block version may not be for you. Luckily they have a lace print version that would mask the lumps...
... the same fabulous neckline and shape but much more disguising than the plain colour. Available here. The red version I'm wearing will be available at the end of next week.
 If your more of a peplum girl then they also currently have this LBD. Both dresses (and the the red version coming out next week) retail at £35 and are available in sizes 16-28.

As it turns out I don't actually have any smart shoes that match this dress (I have so many colours and styles but they do tend to be anything but black and court-shoe shaped!) so I decided to go for something a bit more designer and quirky. I told you I'd show you my Tracey Neuls Dragon shoes one day ('Dragon' is my name for them not the model name btw!). I can't even tell you how prized these are to me. Only to be worn out on extremely special occasions!
I had to go for a matching lip with this dress didn't I?! It's a lip stain pen, from Primark of all places! The dress looks nice with hair up or down, but I was hot so put it up. I have pretty big swooping eyeliner flicks but you can't really see them in the pics :(
See how cool the neck is?! When I wear these kind of kick-ass ball buster dresses I like to wear some of my Dior earrings, and I thought my Dior Fangs would go rather nicely with the dress and my dragon shoes!
So there you have it! A rave review for a lovely dress! The Julia Range is available exclusively from Tesco, and although there are only 2 items currently available it is going to expand very soon - I can't wait to see the whole collection!.


  1. Gorgeous! Love the geometric neckline and your dragon shoes & fang earrings are to die for. I am super over the illusion dress, but then again I was never under it so to speak. But the different neckline is very nice and I totally understand why so many people would love this style of dress.

    Oh and I totally agree with you about Tesco's True line of clothes, horrendous and I just size out their standard line. Boo.

    1. I'm the same, the 22 is normally just a bit too small for me....Tesco have some lovely stuff in the F&F range but True is a damn travesty!

      I had never considered buying this type of dress, but I did feel very powerful when I put it on. I will wear it the next time I feel the need to be intimidating!


  2. Argh you look great. I'm not sure the powerfit dresses are for me as I'm flat chested so anything vaguely bodyconscious just doesn't work, which is depressing as I'd say bodycon is more ubiquitous than skater or swing shapes. (swing dresses look shit on me as well!)

    I love that neckline though - it's such a little thing but it makes ALL the difference! x