Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I can't remember the last time I went to Debenhams. I long ago decided that there was nothing in my size, but when I saw some 'Gorgeous' stuff online in the sale I just thought I'd try it. This jumpsuit is on sale for £30 and I liked the idea of having a jumpsuit with sleeves. I read the review that said it's generous, really long in the body and long in the leg. Bollocks is it! My camera was so impressed that it refused to even focus on this monstrosity so sorry, no pictures! I got it in a 24 (no stretch) and absolutely hated it! It's ankle length on me & plazzo style legs have to touch the floor or they look bloody ridiculous. the body is only just long enough for me, but I couldn't zip it up because the top of the arms are so tight I couldn't pull it up properly! In addition the fabric feels and smells horrible! I cannot believe this was ever £60!

On to something more positive!
 This Mexican print skirt is much more like it. Size 24, non stretch fabric with an elasticated section at the back. The fabric is quite lightweight with a bit of shine to it.
I'm not keeping it because it's too short at the back for my liking, but I'm tallish so this might be perfect for someone else!
The only thing I'm not keep on this this is that the lining is much smaller than the actual skirt, which I always think is stupid!

Okay, on to My Primark stuff....
I wore the red version of this t-shirt on Friday. I love these, they're only about £4 and ideal for me because they're stretchy and plain. I really needed some plain tops to go with my 800 patterned skirts and trousers! I generally plan to wear these tucked in so I'm not worried that the 20 is a bit snug on my belly, they're the perfect fit on my chest & arms!
I had to have this tee! Size 20. I know it's not technically plain, but it has a sort of embossed pattern on it which is definitely subtle enough to be worn with bold prints.... looking forward to wearing this one!This might have been £6, can't find the receipt!
 I thought this belt was promising - I don't wear studs as a rule, but these aren't too spiky so I've made peace with them! This is L-XL and is a good fit.
 It's nicely shaped and has a thin elastic band at the back done up with poppers.
Typically I found this just after I'd ordered an obi belt from Asos, but hey, I might not like that one eh?! I think this was around the £8 mark.

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