Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wardrobe Weekly

 Lookin' ruff y'all! No make up today 'cause it's Sunday & all I'm doing is cutting my boyfriends hair and roasting up some lamb! So I went to Primark last week to get some more pants and I came out with a couple of extras (as normal!)
 This dress was on sale for £5 and it just felt so very soft and nice. Love the colour.
 It's pretty short but for me it's a leggings job so who cares?!
Now then, I don't do crop tops. Nope, not for me. Some people look great in them and others look shite. I fall into the shite group. The truth of the matter is that I don't want my back fat love handles on display. It's all very well being confident but in my case it would just be unsightly and they could knock over small children when I walk, so no. I did think I'd try this dress on backwards though, to go for a bit of a midriff flash... plus I can flash my boobs at the BF at any moment and throw him of his game!
Dress 20 - Primark
Leggings 20 - Primark
Shoes - Primark

It's actually a really pretty dress in it's usual form, but the open back means I'd wear it with a cardi to stop my flab escaping!. I was rather happy to see the hot-to-trot Hayz from snap that curvy gal wearing the same dress on her holiday. Very good taste!
Can we just talk about my lush shoes for a moment? How friggin' long has it taken me to find some comfy black 'going out' shoes?! Bloody ages in the answer! I was so happy to find these, they're sooooo pretty.... nice and wide too! I think they give the impression of heels from the front.
I've fallen in love with Primarks set of 3 modal knickers. Size 20-22 I think, £5 for a pack of three (on hangers, not the horrid itchy ones you get in the plastic packs). I also got this £5 bra which I'm rather smitten with. It's non padded 40DD (I'm a 42 so I'm using a bra extender with it!) but gives me a lovely shape. Oddly the black version isn't quite as good but that's primark for you. The pink is a winner!

Mac 22 - New Look Inspire
Denim Shirt - Vintage
Skirt 20 - Primark
Leggings 22 - New look Inspire
Cowboy booties - New Look
Terrible pic of a simple outfit but Saturday wasn't supposed to be about clothes... unfortunately for my other half I noticed that Traid in Brixton had a sale on and made him come in with me while I  flicked through the rails like Number 5 scanning a book in Short Circuit. So glad I did, I spent £14 and got a topshop pleated swing dress (to be worn as a top or skirt on my fat ass!) and 3 vintage dresses....
I will have to wait for cooler weather to wear these (super synthetic obviously) but I'm friggin' cuffed with them!

 I'm going to wear this dress loads, I can feel it in me waters! It's super comfy (since I cut the bottom of the super-tight sleeves off!) and think it looks ace.

 My boss thought it was amazing.... 'you have a Byzantine on your boob!'
 I thought my wing ring went rather well with this outfit
Dress 26 - Ebay / AX Paris
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Brako via TKmaxx
Ring - New Look

 It was so friggin' hot on Thursday that I had to go for double silk. Loose fitting and light, super cool. It's just the most comfortable thing in the world to be honest. I got this Anna Scholz white label dress on Ebay from a seller who has presumably lost their mind... I ADORE this dress and plan to keep it forever! The waist is cut in a sort of v shape & it falls so nicely. Doesn't need the belt at all so I cut off the loops!
I managed to take a photo while I was flicking my hair out of my face... TIMOTEI!
Would you just look at the AMAZING pattern. The lady on the Primark changing rooms was like 'oh your dress is amazing - it's like really military but still super feminine!'.... I guess it'll be pretty on trend this season then?!
Dress 22 - Anna Scholz White Label via ebay
Leaf skeleton earrings - Forever 21
Flip Flops - Ipanema

Dress 24 - Anna Scholz black label
Necklace - China via ebay
Flip flops - Ipanema

 Another hot day called for another super thin dress!

 This is one of my new moonstone necklaces (Okay, I know I'm obsessed with moonstone but I'll buy what I want yeah?!)
Check it out under flash! Fucking awesome!

BTW, if you want a real Anna Scholz (as opposed to a simply be piece) but don't wanna pay loads of dollar then I'm selling this lush black label dress in a size 20 here for £25... very sadly too small for me! xx

Dress - Primark via ebay
Belt - Primark

Honest to god I got way more male attention in this that I normally do. My journey to walk seemed to be full of men smiling or saying hello to me. One even stopped at my bus stop to say hello.... I had this outfit on with my denim jacket.... seriously. It's nice but it's nothing amazing surely?! I can only assume it is the effect of a big belt making my waist look smaller whilst pushing my boobs out. Men are such simple creatures sometimes. Very odd frankly!

 Properly love this dress. It's so damn lady-like! I'm selling the size down from this on my blog shop if you fancy it (fits size 22-24 if you're flat chested, or smaller if you have boobs!).
 Wearing my blue bloomers from my chub rub post... they're the best things ever!)
Dress - Ebay / Yours clothing
Cardi - Primark
Shoes - Fly London

Thats all for now.... trying to get back into the right frame of mind for the cooler weather. Preparing for the big swap where my winter dresses come out of their suitcase and the summer frocks leave my wardrobe.... that's right, despite having an ENORMOUS dress wardrobe, there still isn't room for all of them. I'm mentally ill. Can't help it, I love dresses!


  1. You have the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. Seriously.

  2. I'm so impressed (in awe of) your dresses! You just know what works.
    I want to start wearing dresses to work,instead of jeans/trousers but as a coach driver I have to be careful.
    Now the colder weather is on it's way I can start wearing leggings under dresses so I might start giving it a go!
    Thanks for your blog!! xx