Thursday, 19 September 2013

These boots were made for thin girls...

I find it hard to believe that I have bigger calves than all other fat women..... It has been years since I found a pair of boots that fit my legs, which I find odd considering that I generally try the boots from Evans, who go up to super plus sizes in clothing. Apparently not in boots though.

Maybe my legs are unusually big? They're just over 20 inches in circumference at their largest point. When I was younger I just wore loads of slouch boots because I could wear them without pulling them up - I had a pair of brown suede cowboy boots from Evans that I adored....
Remember these? God I loved mine... I only sold them because they were a bit too high for me, but in reality they were too small for my legs. If I could have pulled them up properly they would have looked amazing!

Anyway anyway anyway.....reminiscing aside, it's getting colder and I want some sturdy smart looking boots, but I don't want to spend £100+ on them, so it made sense to start in a shop that I can actually try them on in. Off to Evans Marble Arch! All are size 6EEE, all fit my foot well - FYI I wear a 6.5 in Ecco & clarks wide fit, and a 7 in pretty much all other shops that don't cater to wide feet!

These are the first pair I tried, real leather, good grips. £95. Lovely style, very smart but practical.
Sorry for the crap pic! These have a large elasticated section up the leg. I undid the buckles as I assumed I need the widest stretch possible....
..... nope! Now Elastic is all very well and good, but if it's as firm at the stuff on these boots then it can only give a minimal stretch. I'm a strong woman, but I couldn't do these up and you can see the strain on the leather and zip already! Basically these boots would be great for women with regular size legs who may want to wear them over jeans on occasion. I reckon you could only get an inch or two extra on the calves from this super tough elastic. Gutted!

 I sort of knew what was going to happen with the next pair & I felt bad for the lady I had sent off to get my 6EEE pair! These are faux leather and cost £65.
These are nice looking boots.
Same problem. I was nowhere near getting these done up over my (freakishly large?!) legs. I am in Evans right? The shop for big fatties like me? Don't other fat women have legs like mine? I wish they had a range of calf widths as well as a range of foot widths :(

The last pair I tried are not really my style, but the previous boots had put the nail in the coffin of the firm and structured boots.... I knew none of the ones I was interested in would fit me, so I decided to try and find some that would at least do up so I could show you a decent range! These are faux leather, soft legs (i.e they don't stand up of their own accord, they're floppy!) and cost £55.
Ah-ha! On the largest setting, these fit! I was really surprised by how comfortable the sole of these boots felt, I often find that (despite the prices) Evans shoes and boots are a bit lumpy and uncomfortable on the sole - I think it's because I have very short toes and my instep is in an odd position - but these have lovely padded soles.
Zipped allllll the way up! I totally recommend these boots to girls with calves as big as mine, but for my oddly shaped feet they're a bit uncomfortable. Another regular problem I have with Evans shoes is that they tend to be really tall on the foot (does that make sense?!) and my feet feel like they're slapping around in there a bit! My feet are wide and square, but not particularly deep - my instep isn't super high, so these feel loose on the foot, but rub a bit on the toes because of the way they taper. Stupid toes of mine!

I don't think Evans is going to solve my problems. Toni Recommended Simply Be, so that will be my next port of call. Sadly there aren't any Simply Be stores in London (why?!) so I can't try a batch on. I'll guess that I'm a 6EEE there too.

I was SO excited when I looked at the boots on the Simply be site, but actually, after measuring my legs and realising that I would need 'curvy plus' to fit my calves, but would probably go for 'extra curvy plus so that they would fit over my jeans, I was sad to see that there are only a handful of boots that go that wide. What I wouldn't give for a pair of the fringed ones above :(

 I wasn't at all disappointed with the size guide though - this was so informative and easy to use!

 Lets look on the bright side of life shall we?! There are 3 pairs I like that are available in the 'your a monster' size (or extra curvy plus, as Simply Be very kindly call it!), the first of which are these rather smart faux leather black boots, costing £55. These would be a good choice, and I think they would look good with everything.
 These are cool boots. Faux leather again, £59. More edgy and funky then the pair above, but in a way it makes them less smart. I really really want these boots. I would totally rock out in them! But, I'm concerned that they would dress down all of my smarter work clothes, and to be on the safe side I think it might be better to go for a more straight forward style!
I think these boots might be the ones for me! Real leather, which lets face it - on someone who walks as clumsily as me - is a much more sensible option! Not at all bad for £85. I think the riding style of boot would be more versatile with my rather versatile wardrobe! I can't really justify spending £85 right now, but I might go for it on pay day and cross my fingers that they will be the perfect fit!

I'm mulling it over and will get back to you when I decide to put my money where my mouth is!


  1. I can just about zip up evans knee boots, but not comfortably really. SimplyBe have had some lovely designs in of late, wish they went up to my size all the time. Absolutely adore teh pair with quilting.

  2. How I know what you're going through.

    I am 5'11, wear a size 16 on the bottom, 18 on the top, have a shoe size 6 (don't need wide fitting shoes), but my calves meassure an "enormous" 18 inches and I can't find decent boots anywhere. With my meassurements I would have to wear a shoe size 10EEE or above (as all the charts tell me), but nope, I have to have small feet. Conesequently I can't do the boots up nor do they fit on my feet as they are usually waaay to wide for me. And as you said, I just can't be the only person with a problem like that. I do have two pair of Evans boots (ordered on the Internet and thus could not be returned) from a few years ago, which fit my calves, but are so roomy on my feet that I can only walk really really short distances before my feet ache all over and I get blisters.

    When I lived in Newcastle last year I did take the time to try on every single boot available in the Evans stores of the area. I was able to close only one all the way. Afterwards I tried the boots at Simply Be. The "Super Duper Extra Extreme Dumbo Calve Curvy Width" finally fit me, but my feet were too small for all the shoes they had...The shop assistant was very helfpul and friendly, but she told me that she still couldn't fit into any of their boots...

    Maybe I am on lying to myself or I am misjudgeing something here, but just as you, I did (and still do not think) that my calves are so out of the norm that I should not be able to find any boots at all. And I honestly feel with all those poor women out there who desperately want to wear boots, but can't due to the stupid fitting issues.

    Rant over. Sorry for hijacking your blog, but I am so frustrated with the whole boots issue that I needed to vent my anger.

    Best wishes

  3. I'm so glad you wrote this - I was beginning to think there was something wrong with my legs!

    I just ordered the riding boots from Simply Be but they are going to take 21 working days to arrive apparently (and even then they might not fit!) Grrr!

  4. I also have 20 inches calves and when I wanted boots (that was a few years ago) none of the ones from Evans fitted. The only place I found some was It's an American website. They are all leather so quite pricey but I wore mine quite often and they are still in good shape.

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