Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wardrobe weekly

I've worn some stuff that I really love this week...
 Respectable lady dress 22 - Marks and Spencers via ebay
'lady' shoes - Crocs

 I want to wear this jacket all the time
 Jacket 22 - Dorothy Perkins
T-shirt 22 - Asos Curve
Chinos 24 - Yours
shoes - Primark

 Love it soooo much!
Haven't worn this ring for ages, but it's an old favourite from Dorothy Perkins. It's like a snowflake...
 ...under a window!

 Jacket 22 - New Look Inspire
Dress 20 - Asos Curve
Leggings 18 - Primark
Flip flops - Ipanema

 I added my rabbit earrings from Forever 21 & my super sparkly bracelet from our Costa Brava holiday last year.
 How have I only just discovered this stuff. I hate beer and cider messes my head up so I'm stoked to find something I can drink by the pint!
 I think this simple outfit might be one of the favourites I've worn in ages.
 Thing is it's technically highly unflattering because it doesn't hide any of my lumps - My arms are out, I've got no shape-wear on so I jiggle about like mad...
.... the back of the skirt is right under my lovehandles so my back fat is highly visable (also because my bra is a bit worse for wear and has started to roll up!) and my big old double belly is out on display, particually from the side. DON'T CARE! I loved this outfit and felt fucking fabulous in it!
 Red nails, red lips, a red diamonte cherry necklace & a vintage bracelet topped it off.
 T-shirt 20 / Skirt 20 / necklace / shoes - Primark

Primark has loads of these excellent t-shirts in all different colours (post coming up with my Primark haul soon!). I had a few funny looks in this (dunno if that was because it was so in-your-face and bright, because I looked like a porker in tight clothes, or because people were just trying to read my skirt!), but I also had loads of compliments and lots of women wanted to know where my skirt was from. Primark has been the best place to get pop-art clothes, and most of the pieces can stretch to plus sized arses!
 Out and about on Saturday for some free London fun. God I adore London, I'm so fucking lucky to live here. Can I just tell you how much I love this dress? This in-between summery weather suited it down to the ground. I felt super sexy and (dare I say it?!) young in this outfit. My boyfriend liked my boobs in this, which is normally a good sign that it's quite flattering. Mind you he does like it when I dress like a chav & I had pumps and huge hoop earrings on so that might be it!
 The classy version of an alcopop! Still tastes like sweeties though.
 Such a beautiful night on the south bank!
 Gilles Peterson getting worldwide funky. It's so nice to see a proper DJ who plays interesting music... we had a proper bop!
 French hip hop ahoy!
 "He's mixing Coltrane into it!" says Jazzy boy with glee!
 Shaking it!
 It felt like we were on Holiday, such a beautiful night!
London at night is so wonderful!
 Joy! Plus we were home by 11pm - it was a perfect old persons night out. I'm talking about my old ass here... my boy is younger and very capable of staying out WAY past 11!
 Jacket 22 - New Look Inspire
Dress 26 - Ebay (also available on AX Paris, size up if you wanna breath in it!)
Leggings 22 - New Look Inspire 
Massive gold plated hoop earrings - Silvershake (best hoops ever!)
Shoes - H&M

Dress 24 - New Look Inspire
This old dress is one of my absolute favourites for my 'I can't be arsed' days!
Both of us were beaten by cake today! I just can't choose a fruity cake when there's something chocolatey on offer, but they're nearly always too rich & too dark for me. I never learn! Massively regret passing up the orange tiramisu cake; bet I would have managed a whole slice of that. The boyfriend is under strict instructions to remind me of this fact the next time we go to a cake stall!
Next week I'm going to try to make up for the outrageous amount of eating out and take always we have had recently... thank god for the £1 a bowl fruit & veg chaps!



  2. You look effing amazing in that skirt! x

    Just me Leah