Monday, 16 September 2013

Wardrobe weekly

 Time for coats again. Oh well, summer couldn't last forever could it?
 I just wanted to wear heels for some reason. Big mistake, even these comfy court shoes can't cope with my journey to & from work plus a whole day of running around. I just have to accept that now I live in South London (as opposed to North) I will have to be one of those people who wears comfy shoes to work and takes her heels in a bag :(
 On the upside they are fabulous aren't they? I loved this outift. I wasn't sure about this skirt when I first got it, but the trick is to wear it as if it's high waisted, and then the curves hit me in the right places!
 T-shirt 20 - Primark
Earrings - H&M
Skirt 2xl - Domino Dollhouse
leggings - Primark
Shoes - Clarks Originals
Coat 22 - New Look Inspire 
Jade domed ring - ebay

 People went nuts for this dress. Funny really because as much as I like it I think some of my other outfits are much more impressive, but I am a fan of the garish so what do I know?! Simply be retweeted my picture of it and I gained 14 new followers, a couple of whom went straight online and bought the dress for themselves!
Dress 24 - Simply Be via Crazy Clearance
Necklace - Hawaii via my mum's friend!
Ring - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings - H&M
Booties - Primark

 I went a bit nuts in H&M accessories section as well as superdrug on the way home. Love the Max factor colour elixir's. Also really loving the GOSH bronzer which isn't too dark and has a proper pink tone to it. I've been using it everyday.
Scary picture!
I've been using the GOSH growth serum on my eyelashes (which are sadly short, stumpy and patchy after years of eyelash curling) and brows (thinner than I'd like from accidental over plucking!) and it really seems to be working. I find it hard to remember to put it on every night though so I decided to get the growth mascara too. Not overly enamoured with the texture of it... it's a bit gloopy, but I'm super fussy about mascara because I like natural looking lashes.

My best mate came to work to visit me today with her tiny wee daughter, and I always like to dress up when I see her. She loves anything even slightly Art Nouveau, and I always think the pattern on this dress is very nouveau-ish. She loved it!

Dress 22 - Anna Scholz Black Label
Earrings - H&M
Leggings 20 - Primark
Shoes - Brako via TKMaxx
Errrrr.... is this autumn? It feels more like I've been plunged straight into the bleak mid winter, except it's not cold enough to wear my big coats and wooly hats yet. I hate it when it rains all the time but is still quite mild, dressing for this weather sucks.... sweaty and damp on my journey too & from work :(
Super casual today. Couldn't really be arsed, didn't want to get out of bed!
Top 18 - Primark
Jeans 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Floral booties - Everything £5 store in butterfly walk (Camberwell Green!)

I was a tad more cheerful on Friday, because it was Friday, and I knew I was going to do a mini Primark run after work, which also meant I could have a Burger King - I hardly ever see Burger Kings any more so this was a genuinely exciting night for me (I'm not an exciting or cool person... in case you thought I was!)
Dress 24 - Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans
Leggings XL - H&M (bought earlier in the week, they've changed them and they kept riding down, gonna have to sew up the waist... not impressed, but at least they're long enough this time!)
Shoes - Cancer research charity shop
Ring - Ziska

We weren't supposed to go out yesterday, but a sad case of frozen pork mince obviously being off when defrosted meant we had to venture outside for sustenance......
Emergency date night requires a good outfit! I normally wear this dress for formal occasions, but I really wanted to wear it yesterday ('twas on my mind because I mentioned it in my last post!) so I did my 'dress it down' trick, which basically means wear it with boots and a long baggy cardigan! I also quite like to have a bit of sock showing, particularly if they match my ensemble... makes it look kind of wintery I think!
 We tried the Columbian restaurant Restaurante Santafereno in Brixton Village (it was full of Colombians which I took to be a good sign!). We plumped for the Bandeja Paisa which is the Columbian national dish, it came with pretty much everything on the menu so it seemed like a good way to get a flavour of the cuisine. This is what we left so you can imagine how gargantuan the meals were! Phew! It sort of felt like we were eating a crazy breakfast platter 'cause of the egg, sausage & beans but the addition of plantain and rice took it to the next level. Not to be attempted unless extremely hungry! Probably should have taken the pictures before eating a huge meal, but you know how round I am so who cares?!

Dress 22 - Marks and Spencers
Cardi 24 - New Look Inspire
Leggings 20 - Primark (these are the £3 ones I got on Friday night and I'm super impressed with them. Going back to get more so I can replace all my old shit ones!)
Boots - Primark (from last year, but they have the same boots in black this year... might have to get them 'cause these go with everything!)

I was just housewifing on today, not much else really. Went for a simple outfit (with my slippers!)
Top - Primark
 Plazzo trousers 28 (FFS!) - H&M+
Slippers - Primark

Guys I've updated my blog shop with some amazing stuff so if you fancy shopping in my wardrobe you can check it out here!

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