Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sale - Asos vs New Look

Sale stuff reviews! Asos first..........
Oh man this dress is SO SMALL! I sized up to a 24 and it's seriously cutting off my circulation! The waist is tiny, the bust is way too small for a size 24. Obviously it has no stretch so it's basically agony! I honestly checked to see if I'd accidentally been sent a size 20..... ouch!
I have actually ordered this in a 26 because I think if it fitted me comfortably I'd love it, look how pooofy the skirt is!
See how squished my boobies are?! The dress is pretty, but the sizing is completely crazy! I guess thats why it's still available in so many sizes for so cheap!
This sequin top is cool, but it's way too heavy and itchy for me to handle.
This is a size 24. Glad I sized up because taking it off would have been extremely difficult in a smaller size!
I like this dress, but not really like it one me if you see what I mean? Would be better on a curvier girl!!
It is happily longer than it looks in the pictures but that might be because I went for a size 24!
How could a polka dot swing dress not be cute?!
I went for a size 20 because I do tend to find that Curve swing dresses are really oversized! I also ordered a size 18 red & white striped swing dress from Asos Maternity, but the arms were so tight I couldn't get it on!
Size 24. I like the idea of this top, but in reality it's too thick, and stiff, and the shoulders slope too much for my liking.... I feel sure this would look nice on someone else, but it's not for me!
I look fucking terrible in shorts! No no no! Shame because these are nice.... fabric with some stretch, a nice pattern. Size 24, and are the first trousers / shorts from asos that I've actually been able to do up!
This huge shirt is size 16 from the regular asos range. It's not for me because I don't like how short it is in the middle.
It's a pretty cool shirt though. It's actually stretchy, made for a jersey sort of fabric. Would fit pretty much anyone of any size!

On to New look sale....

Okay, so technically none of these dresses are new look, they're all AX paris, but I got them from New look so its the same thing. This dress is fucking cool! Size 24 (I didn't want this to be too tight), the skirt is a thick synthetic fabric, very stretchy and quite comfy but a bit thick for summer wear.
But I frigging love this dress. The black & coral version is probably more flattering, but I totally love this colour combination! Grey and Neon lime?! I'm keeping this for sure!
I'll wear shapewear with this (the flash makes lumps more noticeable than in normal light btw) but I don't care too much about flashing the belly, because the dress is interesting!. 
I knew this dress would be a keeper, I fell for it the moment I saw it, and thankfully  waiting for the sales paid off! Also a size 24 (22 would have fitted easily, but I like that it's got a bit of room!) same thick sort of fabric as the last one.
It's a good length (below the knee) and the detailing is so beautiful! I have a feeling that they have another version of this dress on other sites that is a shorter length, but I think the midi style makes it look classy. Love love love!
 This AX curve dress didn't work for me. Even is size 24 it was much too tight on the arms and a also too tight on the bust.
It's also a bit too short on me and the neckline is a bit high. Could be cute on someone else I'm sure!

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  1. I've had crazy sizing problems with asos, my last ootd I'm wearing the denim dungareee dress in a 26 despite being a 22 because it was soooooo tight in a 24. Love that polka dot swing suit on you and the navy ax paris dress is drop dead gorgeous.