Saturday, 13 July 2013

Asos order 3

Lets start with the same dress as last time...
The size 24 in this dress was unbearably small. I decided to try the 26 because I like the print, but as you can see it just doesn't work. The pleats designed to make room for the bust are so far round and low down on the bodice that they jut out at odd angles, and yet the top of my bosom is still squashed. The waist is also still pretty tight. I thought I might try to adjust the bodice myself, but the way the zip has been sewn in at the side stabs me every time I move my arms so I'm just not going to bother. Basically this dress is a disaster, and it's a damn shame because with a better cut it would have been beautiful!
Nice dress, but... Asos, you have got to stop lying in your item descriptions! This is not (as advertised) a silky fabric, it is cheap synthetic jersey... a sort of t-shirt material. It is the least silky fabric I've ever felt in my life! I really don't mind this kind of fabric, but I ordered a size up thinking there would be no stretch and now because of the weight and stretch it's too bloody big for me! It also has a much higher neckline than in the images, but I'll live with that particular annoyance.
I've had to order the size 22, and this one is going back. I'm getting sick of the items descriptions being inaccurate on Asos curve, how hard is it to write an honest description of a piece of clothing?! SORT IT OUT I'M SICK OF HAVING TO RETURN THINGS ALL THE TIME! Argh!

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  1. I love that tree dress and nearly ordered it. If it had been a silky fabric it would have been great such a shame