Sunday, 14 July 2013

Digitalis mexicanis

Wowzers it's hot today! I generally choose to cover my arms because I tend to think that their lumpy massiveness ruins the look of my outfits (I love and accept my body, buy hey, everyone's allowed to have a bit they don't like!). Anyway, when it's this hot I just get them out. I care much more about what I look like to myself than what I look like to other people, so I don't care if they're offended by my sumo wrestler arms! And I've always been fine with my legs, which are constantly pale with very dark stubble!
 I got this Asos Curve dress via ebay recently... I don't know why I never bought it directly from asos, I always wanted it, but I guess it was too expensive or had sold out or something? Who knows! Anyway it's mine now, and oh how I adore it! It's a lightweight cotton-like fabric with a bit of stretch. This size 22 is great, although I had to sew up the buttons on the bodice as they gapped like mad (as all buttons do on me!). I always thought of this as a hyper-bright Mexican sort of print, but it has a sort of digital look to the pattern. LOVE IT!
Odd expression but hopefully it illustrates one of my favourite things about the summertime... I don't tan very well, but my face does get a bit browner at this time of year, and I start wearing less eye makeup. Life without eyeliner to get that fresh summer bunny look. I like it!
 Proof that I did indeed leave my house with my arms and legs out!
My boyfriend wore the 8bit glasses I got him from Primark recently (they were about £2!) therefore accidentally matching the pattern & colours on my dress. He is also wearing some £2 flip flops and £6 chino shorts from primani... Primark is so good for cheap mens togs at this time of year!


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