Friday, 26 July 2013

Red or dead

I'm really enjoying the romantic lady-like style at the moment. Summer is just such a fun time of year fashion-wise, I happily get dressed up as if I'm going to a wedding every other day! I got this dress from ebay, and I adore it!
I rocked a big old side bun today (using a hair doughnut) and red accessories. I often clash my cardi's with my dresses, but I generally feel that when it comes to red, more is more!
Red lips, red cardi, red ring! No blending into the background for me!
The dress has a lovely full skirt and is a heavy and silky fabric.
Dress - ebay
I'm sorry ladies, I just went to get the link and it's sold out! Just search for 'plus size red midi dress' in case someone else stocks it soon!
Cardi - Primark
Sandals - Ipanema
Ring - Zsiska


  1. Lovely outfit

  2. Thanks Ladies! I did love flouncing around in this outfit! xx

  3. Red really suits you! I love everything about this!