Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dresses (that I ordered ages ago!)

Before I checked my bank balance and realised that my rent comes out before I get paid (and I'm going to go over my overdraft this month because of this!) I had ordered a few dresses. I'm a knob, and I know I'm a knob, but not much I can do about it now! Here are my goodies.......
  Awesome mosaic print dress, had to have it since I've been obsessing about the D&G mosaic print dress seen on Katy Perry at the met gala! I had to size up to the 26-28 (!) because the fabric is quite firm and not too stretchy.
  Although it's advertised as a 'midi' you'd have to be very short for it actually to be considered a midi!
I'm selling the smaller size on my blog shop here, otherwise you can get it from AX Paris or a few sellers on ebay!

 Kathryn from MissKathryn's Misstakes looked so lovely in her 'yours clothing bird print version of this dress that I had to go and take a look. I fell for this blue version with silver flowers.
 I originally ordered the 22-24 only to find that it crushed my boobs terribly, so I had to size up to a 26-28! I can pull it in at the waist with the belt luckily, so it works fine. The only thing I don't like about this dress is the ridiculously small arm holes, even on this larger size I couldn't get it on without cutting the bottom of the arm holes (which I also did with the smaller size meaning that it couldn't be returned... DUH!). Nevermind, I'll do a bit of stitching and it'll be fine!
It has a wonderful full skirt! I'm selling the (only slightly butchered) smaller version on this dress on  my blog shop here, otherwise you can get it for £35 on the yours website.
 The Mod cloth / Youtheary Khmer dress I got custom-fucked over arrived today. It's kind of cute, but I'm not overwhelmed by the quality or cut. I went for the biggest size and it's a good job I did... any smaller and I wouldn't have got into it! The problem for me is that the waist is so high and there's not stretch (it looks a bit different on the website!), but I like the colour so I'll have to make it work!
 I don't actually like this black belt with it, but I just wanted to find my waist... I will have to try out some other belts to see what works! nice to have pockets though!
The bottom of the arms are really tight, so I'll have to do something about that! I'll work it out 'cause in principal this dress is delicious... just gotta get the styling right!

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