Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Anna Scholz sale special

I know I shouldn't be buying dresses, but I couldn't risk missing out on my size in the dress I've been hankering after... and I thought 'in for a penny in for £179'... phew, my poor mastercard! The thing is, the postage is £7 from the Anna Scholz website and they don't offer free returns during their sale periods so it's financially sensible (in the long run) to order everything your interested in, in one go!

Sorry for my boyfriends legs (and pants!) in all these pictures, I didn't have the heart to chuck him out of the bedroom!

First up is the Daisy Dart Dress on sale for £53 (down from £175).
 This dress is so cute. The fabric is so light-weight that I feel almost naked! I guess that means it would be perfect for this time of year. There is a bit of stretch to this dress, but I'm glad I ordered a 24 because it's quite snug on my belly & boobs. I missed out on the dress I really wanted in this fabric (which is what spurred this order on!) so I thought I'd try this one. I love the darts on the waist!
I don't normally buy grey dresses because I don't think the colour suits me, but in natural light this is quite a baby blue shade of grey, and it has hot pink flashes throughout, so I'm imagining it with bright pink lippy and my neon pink court shoes! They have this same dress in the black daisy print and a plain blue fabric. They're all lovely!
 This dress was more pricey at £69 (down from £229) but it's the one I really wanted. It's so beautiful, I love the colours, and the smart casual feel of it. My best friend is going to go bonkers for this one!
It's a thicker fabric with lots of stretch. I got this in a 22 and it's actually pretty generous. I think I'd have fit the 20 easily as it's designed to be relaxed.
The belt pulls it in at the waist so it's a great fit. I actually quite liked it without the belt too! Really can't wait to wear this out and style it up!
 Have I found a peplum dress that I actually like? I think I might have! This is the same lightweight fabric as the other daisy print dress, and it's the same pattern but with black daisy's and red flecks of colour. This is a size 24 which is pretty much perfect for me.
£57 down from £189. This will be perfect for work on hot days. Oh, and the neckline is fucking fabulous!

All these dresses are Black Label. I have a couple of white label dresses (both silk!) but I tend to feel like black label is more 'me', which is damned lucky because it's a bit cheaper than the white label!

Here are some of my favourites from the sale that I only just managed to resist....
I so want a yellow dress, and this one is heavenly!
This top is so fucking cool!
I love a clashing pattern, so this one was hard to resist!

Check out the full sale here, and let me know what you think of the dresses I bought!


  1. I love the yellow dress on you! I was tempted to buy it but there was only a 20 left and I wasn't sure about the fit. In the end I got the neon maxi skirt, a black dress and maxi dress (blue/red). I should get my package tomorrow. Can't wait! :) The postage is super expensive for Europe too (£20 I think).

  2. I bought the clashing print dress at the end... I love it. I bought the daisy dart dress too, but it didn't work on my bust. You look amazing! Xxx