Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New stuff for Parsnips

Over the last few days I've had some nice stuff turn up at work.... 

First up I got a batch of sale bras to try from Ann Summers. The be honest I could happily have kept them all, but I don't need lots of new bras, I just wanted a good black one! I opted to keep this one, the Hollywood bra. It might be the coolest bra I own... I've ALWAYS wanted a bra with the v-detail in the centre! I wear a 42E in Ann Summers (In M&S I'm normally a 42DD, but thier cups tend to be fuller!). 42 G is their biggest size btw.
I found it very hard to send the longline hollywood bra back.... it really is beautiful on (much nicer than in the picture... I think bigger boobs suit the style!) but I decided that the unpadded one gave me a better shape for wearing under clothes, and I couldn't justify keeping both :(. I highly recommend this bra though, because it looks really special when it's on!
 Please excuse the terrible pictures and my stupid face... don't ask me why I looks so gormless tonight... I'm tired! Anyway, my domino dollhouse skirt turned up today (no customs charge... yey!). I got this in the 2X which is pretty much spot on! I love the fabric, and the length, and the stretch makes it comfy too.
An obviously I'm always keen on pockets! My only con with this skirt is that it's not as full in real life as it is on the model on the site. If I'd got anything bigger the waist would have been too big so I don't think it's to do with sizing... I think it just looks more gathered and full on the site. 

To be honest though, I think it makes it more wearable for the everyday. I can't wait to style this up properly and wear it out! 
 In other news I finally managed to get some chinos! I can clearly remember the last time I had chinos... it was nearly 10 years ago! This isn't the greatest picture but these Yours clothing black chinos are lovely. They're rolled up (as they came) in the pics, I haven't decided how to wear them yet though.
 Size 24... still quite tight on the old bum, but nothing alarming! The waist is fitted (no stretch) so it's quite tight, but I get the feeling it will loosen up a bit with wear. I finally have some black (non-denim) trousers! They have these in lots of colours and I really like them.
 The tan chinos from Yours are even better. I rolled them down fro the pictures, but these are the first tan trousers I've ever liked on me. I've always wanted some for when I'm feeling like I want a classic look.
I think the good thing about these is that they have a slightly elasticated waist, so as you can see they work well over my bottom... keeps the shape nice and round! 

I'll be back when my most recent ASOS sale order (containing regular asos, asos Curve and asos maternity!) my new look sale order and my Carmakoma dress arrive!


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