Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I'm so behind with my ootd's on here! I've been wearing some summer faves recently, so I'm just chucking it all together on a night when it's not too hot to sit at my computer! There may be mosquitoes out there, but I do love having loads of big trees to look at!

Monday (Last week!)
 This is a dress I break out when it gets hot. I love it! It's Anna Scholz and is one of the dresses I got with my £100 winnings from her blogs customer competition. 
Close up you can see the print is made up of scarab beetles. And the colours! It's too cool for school frankly!

 For Lunch we headed out to Grosvenor Square, where they are hosting 'summer in the square'.
There's free music and games and chill out zones. It's a lovely little sanctuary right in central London! It's on until the end of this week, so if you work round here go and get yourself an icecream and enjoy a bit of opera! Summer in the Square.
Dress - Anna Scholz Black label
Cardi - Primark
Flip flops - Ipanema

I totally forgot to take a picture of me in my outfit, but I wore my lovely George Jumpsuit (with a lightweight blazer from new look. I looked mighty smart, honest!

 Busy busy busy! Boiling hot day, so I opted for a super lightweight Asos Curve classic. It's the first dress I ever bought from Curve, and also therefore the first to be quite different from the pictures! Luckily in this case I'd been worried that the dress would be too short for me (it was well above the knee on the model!) but it's actually a midi, and I LOVE IT!
 Me and my work mates went for some cider festival action after work, only to discover the pub with all the flyers / posters didn't actually have ANY of the advertised ciders (name and shame, BARLEY MOW!). Thats why we stumbled over this super cute raised garden...
 I've worked in this area for 7 years, and I never knew about Brown Heart Gardens! Quite fascinating. I also tried the new blackberry & elderflower pimms... tastes like ice pops!
I left the ladies to meet the boyf in Wimbledon to eat lush food (at Bills - the prawn cocktail.... ummmmm!) and then watch Monsters University. I enjoyed it, the boyfriend was left a bit cold by it - but Monsters Inc is his favourite movie so it was never going to live up to the original was it?! Anyway, I was particularly taken with Wimbledons Morrisons. Awesome sauce!
Dress - Asos Curve
Flip flops - Ipanema

Casual and loose.... Tired. An early night followed!

T-shirt - Asos Curve (available here in white)
Trousers - Dorothy Perkins

So then, I got this dress in the 24 remember? I didn't need to size up because it's made of a sort of jersey material, not a 'silky fabric' as Advertised! I started the day like this....
.... It wasn't long before I discarded the cardi thanks to the super hot weather! Nice dress huh? It's sort of an a-line swing dress (the description makes more sense if you read the standard sized version!)
When I left work for a meeting I pulled it in at the waist with the cardi. Love this dress like this! Sadly it's now sold out.

Dress - Asos Curve
Cardi - primark
Sandals - Ipanema

The Lambeth Country show (a free festival put on by the council in the park next to me) was so much fun.
 I completely forgot to take an outfit picture but you've seen me in this before anyways...
I wore another Anna Scholz Black label number!
We had food, drink (a slush puppy in my case because I like drinks made for children!), looked at some crafts and listened to some music. Lovely day!

Sunday (didn't get dressed!)

I love this Asos Curve dress, it's lightweight and cute, so I wore it again!
I also wore a plastic ankle bracelet..... I've had it for so long that I can't remember where it's from!

Tuesday... Today... We've caught up!
Getting my arms out has felt so good recently. It's too hot to cover everything up! I ended up with what I would describe as a 'romantic' look today. I guess the dress is pretty lady-like, but the bun took it into period film territory. Love it, I felt beautiful today, didn't care what anyone else thought!
Dress - China via Ebay!
Earrings - Forever 21
Sandals - Ipanema

This happened today (BASTARDS!) which means that my Mod Cloth dress is nearly with me. Fingers crossed it fits... I have no idea what to expect if I'm honest, the sizing made no damn sense! I actually have a few new things to show you, but I've had to re-order 2 dresses that didn't fit, so I'm waiting for their replacements before blogging about them!

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