Friday, 30 May 2014

Swimsuit mecca

Who would have thought it?! BHS?! I've not ventured into that particualr deparment store in YEARS, but in my desperation to find some swimming costumes for my holiday that are long enough for my body (which for some reason has been quite a challenge!) I decided to head down Oxford Street and try stuff on. Debenhams was a bust.... nothing above a 20 (which were all rather ungenerous from what I could tell) and all £40+. Evans didn't have the cossies I wanted to try, so I didn't have many options above a size 20. I wandered into BHS....
Oh well hello there wide selection of generously proportioned size 22 swimsuits! I tried on 8 cossies and there was only one that didn't fit me properly... these seem to be longer in the body than many of the other places I've tried size 22 & 24 from. They don't have all the swimsuits I tried online, but they had LOADS in store, and there were only a handful that had sold out in 22. I could have tried on 30 swimsuits if I hadn't been a bit picky, and I easily could have bought 5 of the 8 I tried on!
 This swim dress was cute, but I didn't think it suited me! Nice and generousness on the bust!
 This was cute, but I think if you're boobs are heavy and a bit floppy like mine, swimsuits that tie from the centre of the bust round the neck like this can be a bit uncomfortable! If you have boobs that don't need lifting up though, this is a lovely swimsuit!
I tried this style in a bird print. It is very cute on the bottom (the frills give me good hips and more curve, so excellent if you're top heavy or boxy) but this one was not quite long enough for me so the top line didn't sit quite right. Loved it though!

 Oh lordy I LOVED this one! I really wanted to buy it (and now I look at it again I wish I had because it's got such an unusual neckline!), but I was absolutely not allowed to buy 3 swimsuits when I already have 3 for my hols! This size 22 fit me very well (fyi I'm often a size 24 in cossies), and it would probably stretch to bigger... it's generous on the bust and is very flattering. Striking print too. If I had time I think I'd go back and get this and pretend I hadn't just spent nearly £80 on swimwear within 2 days!

 This swimsuit is their bargain basement one, which means that it has no tummy control or padding on the bust. That meant that I loved it! I'm fat, and 'tummy' control swimsuits cannot make me look thin, so I don't seek them out. Also, if I'm actually attempting to swim lengths I don't want my tummy sucked in; it makes it harder to breath! I really like how my body looks in this simple little number and I will certainly be able to wear it to the local swimming pool for real swimming, so I slapped my money down and it came home with me!
 Oh wowzers! I was worried this might be a bit of a granny swimsuit, but when I put it on I was like 'oh that is VINTAGE!'. I felt like Marilyn Monroe for a moment! This is a great cossie and if anything it was a bit too generous on the bust for me, so my big bosomed buddies, this may be for you! It is so perfectly long, but I already have 2 polka dot swimming costumes so....
.... step in the Hawaiian print version! Love at first wear! I had this in my hand and was sure I was going to buy it, but then THIS happened.....
 ... move over Marilyn, Ms Betty Page wants a look in! The strapless version just stole my heart! I felt instantly sexaaay when I tried this on. It's got such a beautiful retro glamour-girl feel about it. They had this strapless version in both this print and the teal polka dot too, and they are both delicious. Obviously I would suggest that anyone with larger breasts get the version with straps because it is definitely more generous (I had to size down to a 20 in that version), and I would also add that if my body fits nicely in the size 20 with straps, then the 22 will probably fit size 26 easily. The body is long and the cut is such that it will not allow you to spill out of it anywhere!
 P's, Primark have some excellent beach cover-ups at the moment!
Looks like my boyfriend approves of this cossie huh?!

BHS don't seem to have many big sizes left online, so my advice is to go into a store if you can and TRY IT ALL ON!

This is not a sponsored post, I'm just super excited that I have found somewhere to buy cool swimming costumes that fit my big body and long torso.... and on the high street where I can actually try them on!


  1. I am doing exactly the same as you at the moment, scouring supermarkets and department stores for swimming costumes before they sell out! I'm not going on holiday till January! The only one i didn't do was bhs and now I'm really cross that I didn't, there's some gorgeous cozzies! I have a similar problem with cozzies being too short in the body and not covering my chest enough, and I'm not as tall as you so you mush have trouble!

  2. It's odd really as I'm only a little bit taller than average! I do have short legs and a long body though! I'm really impressed with the selection in BHS, but I wished they went above a 22 so more women could shop there!

  3. Ooh, that spotty vintage number could tempt me! I'm big-busted with a long torso, so I'll hot-foot it to BHS soon! I've only used it to bulk-buy my boyfriend's favourite chinos before (he HATES trying anything new, so once he finds something he likes, he'll wear it forever), so thanks!

  4. I'm glad I could be of service! I'm also glad that us long bodied lasses have a place we can buy decent swimming costumes! Xx