Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My heart belongs to George

That statement is true in many ways, but in this particular case I'm talking George of Asda. They are fast becoming my favourite retailer... up there with Asos but way cheaper. I check their site regularly, and when I saw these dresses I was ecstatic and prayed to the goddess of fat birds that the size 24 would fit me!
 THANK YOU GEORGE FOR MAKING A YELLOW DRESS I ACTUALLY LIKE! I have been searching for a yellow dress forever, they're EVERYWHERE in standard sizes, but plus size yellows are either too mustardy, or too acidic or neon.... but this is totally delicious! This dress is £12! It's such a mega bargain!
 As you can it has an elasticated section at the back to help the fit, but I have to say that if you're very busty this might not work for you as the bodice cups are a little flat.
 The cups have removable pads and there are buttons the whole way down the dress and it doesn't gape at all (which is frankly miraculous!). The fabric is cotton and it's non-stretch, but this size 24 fits me very well!
The print is pineapples and oranges, it just couldn't be more perfect. I'm wearing this beauty tomorrow as the sun will be shining and I'm going out for food and then on to a gig after work. I LOVE it! Get it here, and get it now before all the big sizes sell out!
 Okay, so I know that I have 8 thousand maxi dresses, but I was so enamoured with the print of the yellow dress that I bought this one as a safety net in case that one didn't fit.... unfortunately for my groaning wardrobe I LOVE THIS ONE TOO!
 The print is identical but (obviously!) in a different colour combination and quite a different style. The fabric is synthetic in this one, but it's silky and lightweight and flows beautifully.
 The back is not particularly flattering on a back as massive as mine, but I think we can all agree that a strapless bra would help out a bit here! It's a great length (hits the floor on me), and the elasticated waist nips it in at just the right place for my shape.
 I am mad for this dress, and again I can't believe how cheap it was... £16! Get it here, IMMEDIATELY!

I want so many things from George at the moment, and seriously ladies, if you want a good maxi dress go and take a look because they have some delicious ones that are between £10-£20. I know they only go up to a 24 generally, but in my experience their jersey dresses are generous and would easily fit a size 26!


  1. These look great on you! I love George! I haven't been to an Asda in ages but there is an ASDA Living in Chesterfield so I might take a trip there. Their clothing is cracking in there! x

  2. Thanks Leah, they've really upped their game this year!

  3. I need the pineapple dress in my life! I have found it so hard to find yellow clothing in the right shade!