Thursday, 8 May 2014

Crochet magic

Is it possible to be in love with a dress?
 I feel like I waited a lifetime for this Asos Curve crochet dress (it was actually only a few months, but if felt LONG!). It's a proper long midi dress so I think it will be odd on shorter ladies, but wowzers is it perfect for taller girls!
 It is summery, feminine and just so romantic!
 The pattern and detailing is totally delicious. The crochet is soft and heavy, and I LOVE it!
 £65 is more than I normally spend on dresses, but I just felt in my waters that this dress was going to make me happy, and blowing most of my monthly budget on it was absolutely the right thing to do!
The dress itself is perfect, it does up with very sturdy poppers and has the most perfect arms, but the slip is a bit rubbish.... it's a bit thin, see-through and stiff. I'm going to try and get some coloured slips to go underneath like in the look book images.
More of a nude colour (my own skin-coloured slip here) shows up the pattern better than white, which is what I prefer..... it's too intricate and beautiful to blend in with the background don't you think?!
 So, some Cass styling - I got this hat from H&M for my holiday. I've always loved hats with a massive rim, but I got rid of all my old hats when I moved so I needed a new one! I think it was £14.99!
 Size-wise this dress is a pretty good fit. I got the 22 & 24 to try, and although the 22 was fine most places, it was worryingly tight on the bust, and knowing how delicate crochet is I didn't want to risk keeping the smaller one and ruining it after one wear, so I kept this 24. It's looser but I think that works for the style, and happily the waist is lower on this size (It was just under the bust in the 22). I'd say that if you have big boobs or a wide back then it might be worth sizing up, if you have a smaller chest then just get your normal size.
This dress fills me with a happiness that I can't quite put into words. It feels like ages since I've felt this excited about something that is as good in real life as in the pictures. And even more satisfyingly, this dress is a million times nicer than all of the crochet dresses that I've seen in standard sizes and is a good reminder of just how good Asos Curve can be! A+ Asos, more like this please!



  1. That dress is gorgeous, wish it came in different colours :)

  2. If I had the money then I would get it and probably dye it black. Then it would be my dream hippie, witchy, Goth dream particularly paired with silver jewelry and chunky boots.