Friday, 23 May 2014

Keeping and not keeping

 First keeping:

Some new things have found their way into my wardrobe recently, because I went to Primark to get one thing and came out with 3 - quite a typical phenomenon if I'm honest, because there is SO much good stuff in there nowadays! I'm sorry to admit that my budgeting has somewhat gone out of the window this month, but I plan to make up for it by finally listing some of the clothing I want to sell. I think I will have to admit to myself that £100 a month is not realistic unless I build up to it slowly!
You've seen this on the blog already as I wore it out and about, but really, I love this dress. It's comfy and properly long, and it cost £10, which is a bargain!
The neckline and straps are adsutable and the fabric is a thin stretch jersey. I think this size 20 would easily fit a size 26.
Love love love this one. It makes me feel very summery!
Another Primark bargain!
It's hard not to love dresses like this, and I just couldn't walk out of there without splashing £12 on this! It also came in white (which was amazing!) but I thought it might be a bit see-through in the sun!
This one is also really long too, and the size 20 is a good fit for me (the bodice is elasticated). I really must get a strapless bra already!
This fabric is like a synthetic silk, so very flowing, thin and soft. Coming on holiday with me I think! Both of these maxi's are from the primark beach section.
I picked up this glittery pinky red glitter dress in primark on sale for £5, just so I could wear it under my crochet dress....
Ta da! mixing textures and colours all in one go!
This is the Vera Bradley Uniqlo vest I wore recently. These come in lots of different prints and they're super soft stretch jersey (nice and thin for summer). I've been wearing it round the house like a mini dress lots!
This is an XL and will fit up to a 24 easily. Check out the collection here!

Now not keeping:

All of these are from asos, all in size 24!
 I like this dress, it's super cool, but sadly not temperature-wise! It's just the wrong time of year for this and I'm not allowing myself to keep it if I wont wear it until winter!
 These 'super sexy' jeans are not sexy at all! Tight not-to-stretchy, no room for my bum and oddly long on the leg. Nope!
 Ridley skinny acid wash jeans... super tight, crunchy denim without enough stretch. Too ridged, I really didn't like the feel of these at all!
Ergh.... not keen at all on these boyfriend jeans. too short (even when rolled down) no room for a big bottom and poxy button fly. I could have done these up but I hated the fit so I just couldn't face it (it was very hard to undo them to try them on!). Too baggy on the knee for my liking. I want some loose jeans, but they need to be a nice shape. I need looseness on the bum and a low-rise waist, not just on the legs!
Now then. I tried these high waist ankle grazer jeans from asos curve and loved them, but after taking these pictures I realised that they were too big on the waist. I've been here before with high waisted jeans, and I've spent my whole day hoiking them up where the tightness on my legs pulled them down! These are a size 24, but they are generous on the waist in comparison to all the other jeans I've tried from Asos (most of which I can barely do up in a 24), more bum room is the reason I think!. So anyway, I returned them and asked for an exchange (in size 22) only to be sent an email saying I'd been refunded because they were out of stock.... errr.... not according to their website, which isn't even showing them as low stock! I finally sorted it out and just received the size 22, which are a perfect tight fit. Much better on my tummy! If you're in between sizes in jeans I'd go for the smaller size, otherwise it might be wise to order two sizes to see what works for you!
 Like I said... BUM ROOM! Oh the joy of having my whole bottom covered! As you can see my high-wasited jeans are never high up my back, but they are perfect on my big bottom!
 These are brilliant fabric. Much softer and stretchier than any of the other Asos curve jeans I've tried, and they feel like they would be very comfortable to wear. These are not exactly thick, but too thick for hot days I think.
They cover both of my bellies nicely and bite my ankles with the lovely freyed detailing. Oh and can we mention the subtle acid wash look and the lovely blue colour?! Very good jeans! I really like these and highly recommend them to anyone like me who really struggles to find skinny jeans that fit large thighs and bottoms but are still comfy!

I now have two lovely pairs of highwaisted skinny jeans - this dark slightly acid-wash version and the pale acid-wash ones I showed you yesterday from boohoo. Very chuffed right now!

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