Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shooting stars

Another proper OOTD post?! That's a bit show-offy isn't it?! To be honest it's the first time I've worn this dress because I was waiting for nice weather, and I've had it since November so I wanted to celebrate! 
 Camera snaps taken by my boyfriend and my eyes are closed in half of them, but you can see the dress and that's the important thing! I got this at the last Anna Scholz sample sale, and it is indeed a sample so it's a bit special as it was never put into production. Not quite a one off (I think there were two or three of them!), but near enough! This is the second proper sample I've got from Anna Scholz, and in both cases I loved the prints but didn't get on with the pieces released, so I was very excited to find the fabulous prints in dresses that were more 'me'! You'll see the other one soon, because it's another perfect hot weather dress!
 I love the sheer angel sleeves on this sample, and obviously the colour and the print on the jersey fabric is awesome (shooting stars and explosions in a deep orange with flecks of bright purple).
Not actually drunk despite this rather drunk-looking photo! I wore this out to meet my lovely friend and her frankly amazingly well-behaved and adorable baby girl at Kerb (street food gathering at Kings Cross Granary Square) as it's stretch jersey and coped well with my expanding belly!
 I LOVE a midi in hot weather - long enough to hide my shorts (to stop the chafing - see my big old post on that here!) but still allow my legs to get a bit of sun. And then it always descends into silliness....
Dress 18 (sample!) - Anna Scholz
Flip flops - Ipanema

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