Saturday, 24 May 2014

Summer Squash

When I was a kid I was allergic to E numbers (artificial additives in food). It meant that there were a few things that most people take for granted I couldn't eat; bubble gum & sweats, cheap sausages, fizzy drinks & squash. My mother used to make her own squash from scratch and it really did become the taste of my childhood. It is now the taste of summer for me, and it makes me think of my mum every time I drink it. It's maybe more like a cordial and should be kept in the fridge, but it's really very easy to make and I just made a batch in time for summer, so I thought I'd share it with my lovely readers in case they fancy trying out this beautiful drink! P's, this is definitely a drink for those with a sweet-tooth!

Mummy Parsnip's Orange & Lemon Squash

2 large / 3 small lemons juice and rind
1 large / 2 small Oranges juice and rind
1 dessert spoon of citric acid
1lb / 8ozs of sugar
1 pint of water

 I'll just tell you exactly how I do this. I use one chopping board, a sharp knife and a manual citrus juicer. You also need a large bowl (glass or plastic) and a measuring jug. You'll need a sieve for later, and a clean container for the squash which will fit in your fridge!
 It is rather shocking when you realise just how much sugar you need to make squash, but just go with the flow and remember that you'll be diluting it with water when you actually drink it! So then, start off by adding 8oz of sugar into your mixing bowl.
 The Citric Acid (a natural preservative) is the only tricky part of this operation. You have to get it from a pharmacy and they will probably ask you what you want it for (I assume it can be used for dodgy things?!), just say orange squash and they will sell it to you without any hassle! Add a desert spoon of citric acid to the bowl with the sugar.
Finely grate the rind of your oranges and lemons, on top of the sugar and citric acid.
Use your measuring jug to pour 1 pint of boiling water over the sugar and stir. The sugar will start to dissolve quickly, stir it a few times and then leave it to one side to cool.
While the squash is cooling, juice the oranges and lemons into your jug. When the squash is cool and the sugar has completely dissolved, add the juice and stir through.
Rince out your jug, place your sieve on top and gently pour half of your squash through. 
Carefully pour the squash from your jug into the container you plan to keep in the fridge (this bottle in my case). Go back and do the same again, this time squeeze all the juice from the pulp and rind left in the seive with the back of a spoon into the squash then remove the sieve and mix the liquid before pouring it all into the bottle. Thats it! Done! Put it in the fridge and enjoy!
Add water to a small amount of squash (I like it super cold so I always have ice!) drink it and feel all summery! Like I said, this is very sweet, so if you like it a bit more tart just squeeze and drop a lemon wedge into the glass. This squash makes excellent ice lollys (just make sure you make the mixture stronger than when you drink it, as you need more flavour when water freezes!), great for kids if you don't want them eating loads of additives! It's also good with rum or vodka if you feel like you fancy a tipple. Make it in a jug and add fresh fruit and mint to it for a non-alcoholic cooler! I've made this squash in the past with lemons and limes too, which is very similar but a bit more tangy than this orange and lemon version.  It would probably work with grapefruit too.... one for me to try as my boyfriend likes more bitter drinks!.

I hope I've inspired you to try this out. When it gets super sunny I'll make some strawberry lemonade and will add that recipe too, which is even easier!


  1. Nice! I often like squeezing lemons or limes and diluting with water, but that can be a bit tart for some.

  2. I like the same but I do add sugar 'cause I have a super sweet tooth!