Thursday, 22 May 2014

There's always a first time

It was only a matter of time before I tried Boohoo. Their first offering was basically just the Pink Clove stock, and I am not a fan of Pink Clove so I wasn't tempted. Then they started adding some more interesting an original pieces, many of which I liked but didn't actively want. This week they seem to have added some lovely lovely items that peaked my interest.... jeans in the main, so I decided to place my first order. My parcel was massive so I tried things on quickly at work, please forgive the lack of photo evidence, I've tried to describe them as accurately as possible!

FYI, most of my jeans are from Dorothy Perkins in size 22 and they're super stretchy, but I often need a 24 in other shops. I'm somewhere between 22-24 in new look which means I normally can't buy from them (22 normally too small, 24 ends up a bit too big after wear!) so I hope that helps with the sizing!

 From what I've read in other bloggers reviews, boohoo plus sizes are rather un-generous. If these are anything to go by then that is correct. I ordered these Dolly Jeans in a size 24 (the biggest size boohoo offer) and couldn't get them past my thighs. These are actually by Koko, whose sizing is all over the place, so I shouldn't be surprised! Shame as these would be great everyday jeans, they're soft and relatively thin with a bit of stretch.
 These Suzie highwaisted jeans are thicker. They're not really highwaisted (which is fairly obvious in the picture huh?!) and the size 24 got up to my bottom and then didn't go much further! They have a bit of stretch but not a huge amount because of the thickness.
 I wanted to try this kimmy floral dress when it first came out, so I figured that if I was making an order I might as well try it! This was no good for me. It's basically a thick bodycon dress in reality, and I've got quite enough of those! It's short (like in the picture) but the pattern has quite a lot of black fabric down either side on the front of the size 24. It looked a bit like an illusion dress. Not really right for me, but would be good for winter as it's quite thick fabric. Stretchy but the 24 was pretty tight!
These are more like it! It seems that in order to get jeans that can cover my big round bottom from anywhere other than Dotty P, I need to get high waisted ones! I made this order entirely because I wanted to try the Emily highwaisted disco jeans and I had high hopes that the 'disco' description would mean that they are super dooper stretchy. They are! The size 24 are a snug fit (as they should be) that I had to pull up quite violently to cover my bottom, but once they're on....
I love them! I want more jeans like this - thin fabric with a lots of stretch! I guess they're a bit more like jeggings than jeans. I've wanted some PROPER acid wash jeans for ages, and these are the perfect colour and style... I love the dark seams!
As you can see the waist is a little higher than regular jeans, but not as high as the ones Asos Curve and New Look do. I actually like this height lots though!
They struggled to get over my arse, but thankfully the stretch allowed them to in the end!
I'd like to celebrate my ass in these jeans - they show it off rather well I feel!
The ankles are a bit loose, but I'm cool with that because they are also quite short which makes them look funky rather than badly fitted. They might be nice folded up now I come to think of it.
I have a feeling that these will loosen up a tiny bit after a few hours wear and I think they will actually be rather comfy, and thin enough to wear in warm weather. These are not for the faint-hearted because they're super tight, very pale and the acid-wash is very attention grabbing, but for those of you who share my 'I have no fat-girl fashion rules' motto, these are just totally excellent!
More like this please boohoo, and a bigger size range if you would be so kind!

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