Saturday, 2 August 2014

Worth bieng poor for

So I tried out some stuff that was in the Asos sale (most of which went back, sorry for the lack of pictures!) but I also got some super exciting stuff to try. I hardly ever buy Asos Curve stuff full price nowadays - mainly because so much of the stuff that used to sell for around £35 now seems to be £45+. However there are a few things I've been watching for ages that keep going out of stock but never go in the sales, so after pay day I threw caution to the wind and decided to just buy the things I really wanted full price. It was an expensive decision but one that has made me this happy....
This little beauty is as good a place to start as any!
 I was SUPER gutted when this white & blue embroidered dress sold out. I really really wanted it, but £65 just felt a bit steep, even with the embroidery, so I put it in my wish list hoping for a discount code, and then it was gone forever! BOO! It had a delicious Mexican flavour to it.... I mourned. Then it's even more awesome sister arrived, after waiting and waiting for a deal it hit the 'low stock' mark and I just had to put it in my basket.
 Oh my god could this be any cuter?! Completely head over heals in love with this dress!
 It comes to just above my knees, which is a good length for this style I think. The body is quite generous but it's good that I got the 24 or the arms would have been too tight for me!
 It's a soft and thin crinkle fabric that is just perfect for summer, and really, this has gotta be one of the most summery styles ever!
At £65 this dress isn't cheap, but it's totally lush and 100% worth it in my opinion!
 Nope. They only had this in a 26 so I thought I'd try it out but it's not good. I really want a loose fitting cocoon dress but I just can't find a nice one.
My main gripe with this dress is that it's made of a horrid, slightly thick, synthetic fabric which makes it totally in appropriate for summertime. If this was cotton it would fall so much better and would probably be cute.
 This is a good time to mention that I also tried this amazing looking dress, which has one of the most summery prints I've ever seen! I therefore find it mind boggling that the fabric used for it is so nu summery! It's like the dress above - too thick, too synthetic, not flowing enough. Gutted about this one because I really wanted it. The size 24 was a nice shape and fit but it was too hot even trying it on in this weather let alone actually wearing it out!
 On to more joyful things. I knew this dress was ace because I've seen it on numerous bloggers, but it kept selling out in my size, and again, I wasn't sure I was happy to pay £45 for it, but the 'low stock' spured me on to try it.
 Nice colour, nice print, nice shape, good fit & pockets! Funnily I thought this was going to be a chiffon / georgette type fabric, but it's similar to the super thin (synthetic) rough silk feel stuff that Anna Scholz uses for her black label summer frocks. It is very thin and lightweight (perfect for summer) and has a bit of stretch to it. I like it!
 Size 24, nips me in at all the right places. I have to say that Asos seem to be a little less generous on the bodice of dresses at the moment (I haven't put on weight so it's not that I've gone up a size), and this is pretty tight on the old back and boobs despite bieng the bigger of the two sizes I normally wear. I think some women with bigger boobs might spill out of this one a little bit!
 Lovely though... it's a keeper. I feel summery and pretty in this dress.... there's another £45 gone!
 Yeah.... this dress was not such a success. The problem is with the bodice again. 
Fair enough if a size 24 is a bit tight on my bust sometimes, but this was miles away from doing up, it is ridiculous!
 So basically this dress is really small on the arms, quite small on the too-high waist and way too small on the boobs. I'd be more annoyed if it wasn't for that fact that this summery-looking frock feels like wearing a quilted bedspread. Too thick. Again, completely inappropriate fabric for this time of year and this style of dress. The neckline is also too high and cuts in against my throat. I wonder if the size 26 would even fit me!
 Ahhhhhhh that's better! This dress was love at first sight, and with a £35 price tag I had no qualms about buying it instantly! I tried the 24 first, but again, it was just tight enough on my bust and arms to make it a bit uncomfortable, so this is the 26 and the fit is perfect for me. I don't think this style of dress should be too tight anyway!
 It is the same light fabric as the green checked dress and has a bit of give. It also has this detailing at the back that will be cuter whn I take the badly placed label out of it!
 Oh me and this dress were meant to be together! I've tried pretty much every wallpaper print dress I've ever seen in my size because I love this kind of print, but they've never been the right cut, or the right fabric for me. This is just heavenly. I am already obsessed with it, and it's a proper midi too! the amount of 'midi' dresses that are just below the knee.... anyway, I feel fabulous in it!
 What can I say about this dress? Might be better in black, but for me this is ruined by the neckline and the sleeves. It looks a bit odd on. I think it needs longer sleeves.... The 24 was massive on the body, tiny on the arms.
I sent this skirt back because the size 24 was BIG on the waist (why are you always so much more generous with stretchy things than with non-stretch asos?!), but it's kind of cool. I think I might re-order it one day if I fancy a bit of sparkle, but after my massive spending spree I didn't feel the need to keep it.
Overall I'm pretty chuffed with my rather expensive asos haul, I've sent loads back but I've also ended up with 3 dresses that I really LOVE! I can't wait to wear them out into the real world!


  1. I love that midi dress and I've been eyeing up the silver skirt for what seems like ages. Didn't realise it was reduced!

  2. The skirt is really nice - pretty sure it'll end up in my wardrobe at some point (when I'll feel less guilty about it!) xx

  3. Really helpful review. Thanks Cass!

  4. Uh oh, I sense an asos spree coming on again :) You look lovely! It's sooo useful seeing asos curve clothes on people who actually look like me, not the super toned size 14s they use on the site. I buy so many things on there because I've seen other bloggers wear it, when it doesn't do anything for me on the models themselves x

  5. I find Asos sizing to be all over the place. I have everything from an 18 to a 24 to fit. I love the too dress. I never spied that.