Saturday, 9 August 2014

Georgy Porgy & Dotty P

Lets get straight on it shall we?! I wanted to try the Barbara Hulaniki wrap tops because I really have loads of trousers nowadays and I need some decent tops to go with them. This first one (size 24 has such a cute pattern. super comfy and stretchy jersey.
I also tried some navy trousers (rolled up to be ankle biters). The size 24 was nice on the leg, but I couldn't keep them because the waist was too big and I knew I would have been pulling them up all day!
Shame... these are nice casual stretch trousers!
I also tried the Barbara Hulaniki shirt. The 24 is just a tad too tight on my boobs, even when I have a bra that minimises them a bit!
It has a dipped hem at the back because apparently everything in the world has to have a dipped hem.
This is such a cute shirt though, I think if it had fit my boobs better I would have kept it as it is smart and made me feel pretty!
My trousers are from Dorothy Perkins. They're size 22 from the tall range, which as it turns out fit my proportions better over all than their regular length even though they're a bit too long. I love DP's summer trousers, they're so thin and comfy. I've been looking for a pair of thin black trousers for AGES! Search over! I also tried some bright orange joggers which I loved, but I had literally no tops that went with them - they're in the sale now though, so if you have a better range of tops than me then try then!
I thought I'd try out the pink lipstick I got a while back for these pictures as it goes with the other Barbara Huklaniki top I got. I think we can all agree that I look shit in it! The top on the other hand is lovely. This is a size 22 and is the same fabric as the one above but without the cap sleeves.
It occurred to me that I hadn't posted a pic of these excellent high waisted joggers from New Look. Size 24 fits my bum, belly and thighs really well. Tight at the ankle too, so I highly recommend them! Luckily for my tardy arse they still have them in stock in black as well as blue.
Really like both of these items. It's too hot for the jeans currently but I've already worn the top to work last week and I'm wearing the mustard version as I type!
Asda have a batch of super cute bardot tops for £6 each. This is the 24 and it's a nice fit on the body (super long as you can see) but it's not great on my shoulders as it rides up on the back. Still quite sure though and would fit better on someone with narrower shoulders! It comes in polka dot and stripes too!
 Another Barbara Hulaniki dress. Yersey, nice fabric but it's not for me. I'm just not keen on the shape.
The 24 is an okay fit, but it doesn't do me any favours does it?!
 The 2nd Barbara Hulanicki dress looked much better on me. Size 24 in a thin slinky fabric was a great fit, loose on the waist so it fall nicely.
 So then. They sent me a dress with a massive tear in the sleeve. I ummed and ahhed over this dress, because I think it's super cute, but in reality it's too short for me. Yes I could wear it with leggings or tights, but the thin fabric makes this more of a summer frock so I think I'll have to resist re-ordering it. I do after-all have about 8 million dresses! For anyone who likes it though I recommend it thoroughly, it's a very flattering cut and would be easy and comfy to wear!

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  1. I really like the yellow shirt, shame it was a bit too tight. I have an olive undertone to my skin so I always think yellow does'nt suit me. I just got the pineapple maxi dress from George but haven't had a chance to try it on yet. Thanks for sharing, its great to see someone doing reviews in my approximate size. Val xxx