Saturday, 16 August 2014

More Asos again

I know I know,  but having a premier account on Asos has made me even more naughty than before!

I had to try this dress - It's pretty much the first dress from Curve I've seen for ages that is both cute, and under £30! I got the 24 but I think the 22 would have been better. It's jersey so it would have been fine on the boobs, but the waist would have been a bit higher which I think might have suited the style better.
The dress is pretty long (another REAL midi!) which is nice, but I didn't like the top. The pattern is wonky in a really noticeable way, and in this kind of print it just makes my boobs look odd!
If this dress had been just a ta longer I would have kept it. I really want a loose shift dress and I've had no luck finding them, because the plus size ones are always too tight on my ass to look loose anywhere other than the shoulders!
I was surprised by how loose this size 24 was on me. The fit on the body was perfect. The only bit I was a bit put off by was the neck. It sort of sticks up and is an odd shape....
.... better with hair down I think! This is a great little summer dress as it's a super thin fabric, but for me that means I wouldn't wear it in colder weather (with tights) so the length in bare legs is just too short for me. It's lovely though, and it has pockets!
I finally bit the bullet and got this top. I've been looking at it for ages and thought it might come in handy. The 24 is just right for me - I wanted it to be loose on my belly because it's such a light colour.
I will certainly wear this tucked in or tied up because it's longer than it needs to be. I love the detail and neutral colour though, so it's staying.
 This top is the old me. The one who listened to Nirvana and wore a lot of black! Something in me was like 'you should order that shit!' but you know what? I can still listen to Nirvana while wearing a bright pink dress, so nahhh.... this is not staying! It's an odd top because the sleeves are kind of cool but they don't match the high neckline. It needs a slash neck or a deep v or something. It's a 24 but a 22 would have been a nicer fit I think. I just can't pull it off, it doesn't suit me! Again, quite long.
 I don't understand shirts from Asos Curve. They're always so small on the belly and bum are compared to the shoulders and waist! This a great example of a shirt that fits my bust really nicely, but is then so long (and shapeless) that it doesn't want to go over my bum and when it does it gets super tight on my belly.
 It's a shame really, because the frilly capped sleeves and bust detailing are so lovely, as is the colour, but this 24 is just too small on my lower half. The 26 would certainly be too big on the top half.
I almost kept it with the idea of only wearing it tucked-in, but who wants a shirt they can't button up properly?! Not me! Oh well. I think I'm gonna have to completely give up on Curve for shirts, They just don't fit my shape at all!
Now then, I ordered this because I wanted to see if it was exactly the same dress as the one I'd seen on the Boohoo plus site! The answer is no, but they're very similar!
The good things about this dress are the £35 price tag and the tie belt, which is sewn into the fabric so it creates a smooth silhouette. I don't know how to describe the fabric really. It's like a super thin and very soft swimming costume. The bad things are that it shows up all your lumps and bumps and the waist is just under my tits.
It's a decent length, but over all I'm not mad for it. I also bought the Boohoo version to compare!
This is not quite the same dress, but it's pretty close! This one is £20... £15 cheaper than it's Asos cousin, and although the fabric is not as slinky or soft (and bit thicker and rougher!) it would be the one I chose.
It's a similar length, but the waist positioning is far more sensible. The sleeves are more fitted so it looks less like a dressing gown than the asos version. The only downside is that it has a sash belt with big belt loops that stick out a bit. I'd just get rid of them as the belt sits happily on the elasticated waist without them.
I can't believe that this has already sold out, but I can't find it on the boohoo website! I've returned this size 24 so hopefully it will come back on to the site soon. Sorry girls, but maybe if it was that popular they will bring it back soon!

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