Friday, 22 August 2014

The Bridge

 I decided to take a week off work before summer was over so that I could do some UK sight-seeing. Happily my Boyfriend was able to take this week off too, so we put a couple of days aside for mini-trips. The rest of the week has been a joyously lazy time, but on Monday we went Cambridge. I had never been before, which seemed a bit silly as it's only £6 to get there from Liverpool Street!
 We walked the long way round from the station (it was accidental, but lets just say we wanted a stroll through the countryside yeah?!) and met some cows!
 My boyf didn't manage to get my shoes in, but nevermind! I wore my silver Primark brogues!

Sunnies & leggings 20 - Primark
Dress 26 - Lovedrobe (black version here)
Jacket 24 - George

 I really wanted to walk around and look at all the amazing architecture, so we just walked around all day, stopping for grub every so often!
 Kings College is IMPRESSIVE!
 It's quite a Gothic Masterpiece isn't it?!
Can I just pause here and say that although I've wanted to go to Cambridge for ages, I was rather more excited about our visit when I found out there is a Fudge Kitchen opposite Kings. Back when I first tried this fudge they were called 'Jim Garrahy's fudge', and it is one of my earliest food-orgasm memories! I believe it was when my parents took my sister and I to 'The American Adventure' Theme park. Dad bought me a piece of Vanilla fudge and it was like nothing I had ever tasted before.... it was crunchy and hard like Scottish Tablet on the outside, but gooey and almost liquid on the inside. It's sort of indescribable. If you have a sweet tooth then you should try this stuff. My favourites are the traditional toffee and the vintage vanilla, both of which my boyfriend says are a bit sickly (fool!) but he had his own foodgasm when he tried the chocolate and sea salt! You can buy the fudge online here, it's expensive but wow... so worth it! I've chopped mine up and frozen it to avoid eating it all in one go and falling into a sugar coma! If you have one near you, go and sample some, it's unlike any other fudge you'll ever try!
 Cambridge seems to have more churches than anywhere I've ever been!
 Punt fest!
 Let me in!
 Glorious sights, not quite so glorious weather!
I didn't really take that many pictures because I was too busy looking at everything, but I did of course find time to take a picture of my boy drinking beer, natch!


  1. Cambridge looks amazing, I have never been which is something I need to rectify!! xx

  2. It's silly huh? Can't believe there's so many place's I've not been in the UK! Xx