Monday, 25 August 2014

Landin Tahnnn

I don't take advantage of all London has to offer on a regular basis, but I don't take living here for granted either. It doesn't matter how many times I walk down the South Bank, I still get excited every time. I love wandering around London. For our staycation we spent a day in Cambridge and a day sightseeing in London. There is still so much of London that I've yet to explore, but I wanted to do a London Bridge - Tower Bridge circle on this occasion.
 We have now been off work for long enough to be confused if we have to get out of bed any time before 10am, and getting dressed is a strange and disturbing concept! We therefore didn't get into central until 12.30, so headed straight to Borough Market for some lunch.
 I love borough market for many reasons, but the newest one is the astonishing variety of tomatoes they have. I plan to go back soon to buy loads of fruit / veg / cheese / meat!
 The nice thing about London Bridge is that I get to walk through Hay's Galleria on the way to the river. I normally come here at Christmas time because (along with Covent Garden) it just makes me feel so festive!
 It was rather nice to be there during the day for a change! There are some lovely little places to eat and drink here, and it's tucked away so it never feels excessively busy!
 So the other reason I love the South Bank is Tower Bridge.
I have a big ol' soft spot for places that have strong links with the Tudors. There is something so magical about standing somewhere that your favourite historical figures (Henry VIII & Lizzy I in my case) have stood. Tower Bridge was built in the 19th Century, but none the less I geek out every time I walk across it towards the Tower of London.
 Sunnies & leggings 20 - Primark
Jacket 22 - New Look
Dress 24 - Lovedrobe (Similar here)
Shoes - Nike
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
 I love this little area of London. The Tower is awesome. It may have a bit of a grisly reputation, but people forget that it was a royal residence (and later an armoury) before all the beheading and torture came into play. This site has been here (in one form or another) for 948 years.... it really is a wonder.
 Many of you will have seen 'Tower of London Remembers' in the newspapers... it really is quite a thought provoking in real life.... I love a good art installation. This one is called 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' in commemoration of those who died during the first world war. There will be nearly 9000 poppys by the time it's finished and will be quite a sight to behold. You can read about it here.
 The poppy's are ceramic and are very beautiful. You can buy them for £25 each when the installation is over apparently!
 Pretty good place for a bench huh?!
 We carried on down the road to visit the place I had chosen for today's exploration.
 I have lived in London for over 8 years (actually, over 11 years if you include university) and until I saw Leah's post last year I had no idea that St Dunstans in the East existed. It's not on the maps the nice ladies on the Mayor of London info stands give out, but it is a great example of what I love most about London - you could walk down a road filled with Pizza Express, Wetherspoons and sky scrapers and then suddenly come across something extremely old and amazingly beautiful like this....
 It's like a little Oasis of Calm.
 It's a small Church - in ruins as you can see - that was turned into a Garden after getting partially destroyed in the great fire of London, only to be rebuilt and then destroyed again during the Blitz.... fair enough City of London, once burnt and all that!
 I'm not at all religious, but I love churches and cathedrals because of the spectacular architecture.
 I also love ruins. Add in some tendrils, vines and ivy and I'm in love. This is my new favourite place in London.
 It's kind of romantic. If we ever get married I'd like to to be somewhere a bit like this place!
 The Tower (the bit that Christopher Wren added) is closed, but I really want to know what's in there.... look there's a staircase behind me. I bet the view from up there is amazing!
 I heart the City of London!
 I'm so glad we had such good weather!
 All the greens.
 Who doesn't love a water feature?!
 A real Secret Garden.
 Quite a contrast against all the glass sky scrapers eh?!
 And with that we made our way home.
 London Bridge is not the most beautiful bridge in the world, but it has pretty cool views!

Back to work tomorrow, so I will have to start putting clothes on everyday... Autumnal clothes. I miss summer already!.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed St Dunstan's. Hubby's parents live right near Tower Bridge and the photos remind me of before we had the car when we'd walk there from London Bridge. xx

  2. Thanks love, its was so lovely. I wish I lived right near tower bridge! Xx

  3. I love this as someone who very rarely gets to visit London I love to see hidden places and spaces. Its nice to see that even in a huge busy city there are still quiet places you can go xx

  4. I find them quite a lot - the little garden & bar near work (on top of a generator behind bond street station) was a discovery I made just last year, and I've been working nearby for 8 years!. London always surprises me! xx