Sunday, 17 August 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

 Today I chose to dress like a kid.
It's actually the first time I've worn these shoes. I got them for my holiday but ended up wearing flip flops pretty much the whole time because the sea was so beautiful... didn't really need jelly shoes in the end!
Dress 24 - Asos curve
Leggings 22 - South / very
Shoes - Primark
Bracelet - vintage
I got this Anna Scholz top on ebay. It's the same fabric and print as my favourite dress, so I had to snap it up!
The Trousers are the new Dorothy Perkins pair that I was excited about. Sadly when I got home and sat down on my low sofa  they split across the crotch! I've yet to get a replacement because I have to go into store to do it & I haven't had time. Very peeved, but to be fair I've never had this problem with any DP trousers before, so Hopefully it was an anomaly!
What I noticed about wearing this top was that people just GAWPED at my boobs! It was comical.... both men and women stared at me on the tube and in the streets. I stared back at them because it was ridiculous. OH YAY! OH YAY! WOMAN WITH BREASTS CAN'T SEE YOU STARING! Feeble minded twats! Anyway, I'm looking forward to wearing this with jeans when it's colder, and with a pencil skirt at some point soon!
Top 24 - Anna Scholz
Trousers 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Primark

I finally found myself a yellow frock! I felt so pretty in this dress. I decided to wear red shoes and lipstick with it, and it felt very smart!
It was £15 in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and I tried both the regular version (midi) and the Tall version. The tall was a much better fit for me. It's waist sits at a nice point and the bust is a bit more generous than the the standard size 22 (which was really small on my boobs!).
 The fabric is a bit stretchy and although it shows up my belly bumps, the pleating sits nicely above my bum, so I'm happy with the bum protrusion it's creates. Couldn't quite capture it, but trust me, it's a great ass-dress!
Dress 22 (tall) - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace & shoes - Primark
Another new pair of glasses (from select specs).... more to come soon!
My little herb garden is coming to life already!

I hadn't worn this dress to work until Thursday. It's so cute and comfy, it was actually great!
I had many compliments on this one, so hopefully it doesn't look too much like a dressing gown..... not that I care of course!
I feel like I need more slipper like these, I've worn them lots during the warm but wet weather!
Dress 24 - Asos Curve
Leggings XL - H&M
Shoes - New Look

I've been saving this dress from my anniversery (6 years with my love!) because it's really form fitting and flattering. It's also a mega cleavage dress when I'm sitting down, and I thought my boyfriend would appreciate the site over our romantic dinner.... he really did!
I put on some eyeliner after work. There's something really nice about wearing minimal make-up to work and then adding bits for evenings out. It's nice to see a difference, it makes me feel more dressed up!
Dress 24 - Asos Curve
Cardi 18 - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Primark
Earrings - H&M
Before dinner (which was at Fischers - a new Austrian restaurant in Marylebone which was AMAZING btw!) we had some cocktails with my friends....
Oh yeah! 

I've been wearing this jacket and top lots. Both were good buys!
I had to get dressed today because we went out for lunch (It's a hard life!)
Jacket 26 - Simply Be
Top 24 - George
Jeggings 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Asos


  1. My boss said they looked like torpedoes! xx

  2. I love all of these outfits, but the red top does emphasise your assets... you would have brightened a lot of people's day wearing that I'm sure! I think Thursday is my winner! It looks so easy to wear and definately very professional.