Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

This is an Anna Scholz black label dress that I snapped up on ebay.
 It has such a vintage look to it - knowing Anna it probably is taken from a vintage print. I'm loving blue this summer, it brings out my tan!
 Dress 24 - Anna Scholz Black Label (via ebay)
Shoes - New Look

 The boyfriend and I were goign to the lido after work, so I wore something I could chuck over my swimming costume afterwards.
 I also tried out some of the new Barry M core balmy tinted lip balms. I'm wearing 'currant bun' here, which is almost too purple for me, but I think I just about pull it off! I really like these balms, I just wish they had more of the highly pigmented dark colours - only this and 'Jam Jar' (the red one - the best one in my humble opinion) show up on my lips. They could do with an intense deep pink to add to the range!
I thought it best to wear a cardi at work because I am still yet to find a strapless bra!
Cardi 24 - New Look inspire
Jumpsuit 3XL - Forever 21+
Sandals - Ipanema
I got the worst cramp I've EVER had while getting out of the lido, it lasted for about 5 minutes (felt like an hour) and I was a bit freaked out because I was in the deep end at the time, surrounded by kids and sans boyfriend (who had got out already and had to get back in to help me!) and it consisted of my desperately trying to straighten my leg without drowning while yelling 'SHIT!' and 'FUCK' at nobody in particular. I was pimp-limping around London for days afterwards, my leg is only really feeling back to normal today (Sunday). My boyf bought me posh fried chicken and sticky toffee pudding to help heal me - The Commercial pub in Herne Hill does REALLY good food by the way - so I got over it. Stupid muscles. Exercise is supposed to be good for me but it just injures me!

Some of you may kind of recognise this dress - It's from Asos Curve but the original version had sleeves...
... I got this on ebay (It's one of those dresses that I had always wanted but for some reason never bought) and it sat in my wardrobe for a while before I decided to chop it up. Basically the sleeves were oddly long and made the dress look scruffy. The tops of the sleeves were also super tight on my massive upper-arms, so I thought I would just sell it.
I then decided that it was such a good dress in every other respect that I would just customise it and make it work. Chopped off the arms and sewed them up. I like this dress loose, but I fancied a smarter look so I added the red belt. Love this outfit.
Dress 22 - Asos Curve (via Ebay & customised)
Belt XL - Next... old and literally falling to pieces!
Sandals - Primark
Earrings - Lanzorote
I put my hair in mini buns in the morning so my hair would be wavy for work, but then I like the way they looked with this dress so I kept them in all day.... my hair was MASSIVE when I took it down before bed!

I like a bit of a mum outfit now and again. I've had this vintage skirt for ages, but it was a bit tight for be when I got it. I've lost a tiny bit of weight since then so it's comfortable enough to wear now and I wanted to keep it simple with a white t-shirt.
The other bonus of a plain tee is that they're the best background for big necklaces....
I'm making a sort of Arrested Development 'GODZILLA!' sound in my head!
I wasn't willing to get a t-rex necklace from Tatty Divine (as much as I like them) because £150+ for perspex... well, I just can't bring myself to spend that when I would wear it so little and it's made of plastic! So I turned to ebay to find something similar. I didn't want an exact copy of the t-rex, but I was chuffed when I found this. Don't ask me what sort of dino it is 'cause I don't know.... it has long arms so it's one the the early ones, so anyway. I got it from a seller in the U.S and it was bargainous. They've just started doing lobsters by the looks of things, find them here.
Tee 22 - Asos Curve
Skirt 22 - Charity shop
Shoes - Crocs
Necklace - ebay

It's been about a year since I last wore this dress. I still love it!
I tweeted a picture of this and said that I thought the print looked like tropical fish fins & I got re-tweeted by a tropical fish site -winning!
Dress 22 - Anna Scholz black label
Earrings / sandals - Primark
Ring - Silvershake
 I went to a gig after work which my boyfriend sat in on. It was odd and I was charged £6.40 for a single G&T - I wore my Asos Curve Crochet dress but completely forgot to take pictures!

 Off to Brixton to finally try out the Duck Egg Cafe breakfast (errr.... yum - Eggs Benedict are the best option I reckon, although their sausages are unusually tasty!). This is the first time I've worn this skirt out. It's actually excellent for hot weather, & I decide to go full on pastel!
Vest 20, cardi 20, bag & Earrings - Primark
Skirt 24 - Very
Flip flops - Ipanema
 Serious Parsnip.
 My boyfriend literally turned his back on me rather than let me take a picture of him. Sadly for him I very much like his back so I still took a picture. HA, take that!
 We arrived in Brixton to find the Brixton Splash was on.
 I have ice lolly earrings on, and when I saw a Zapp lolly I HAD to have one.... it's what I think of as the E-number filled version of an American fudgesicle and I haven't had one for YEARS!
 We were rather amused that the banners are from the 2012 Brixton Splash.... a bit of tipex would have sorted that out!
I always get a cupcake from Ms Cupcake when I get a chance - Vegan cupcakes in various lovely flavours - because they're normally closed when I'm in Brixton. this got squashed on the way home but still tasted good. Choc cherry. Almost as good as their Rose flavoured one!


  1. I love your Godzilla face! Rawwwwr. x x

  2. As usual loving your wardrobe weekly and only you could get RT'd by a tropical fish site!!! xx

  3. It's like Jurassic Park up in this bitch!

  4. I'm Looking forward to winter now 'cause I have a vintage dress that has a print that totally looks like tropical fish. I'm gonna aim for another bitchin' re-tweet! xx

  5. the bag in your last outfit, where is it from?X

  6. Valerie Hannan-Beattie4 August 2014 at 03:07

    I just found your blog Cass through Danielle on Twitter and I love it. I think you are about my size 22/24 uk. What height are you? I am 5ft 7 but I have a long body as well so I struggle with the length of some clothes. Thanks for blogging, I will be checking back regularly. I may even do a 7 Days post myself ;-) Val xxx

  7. All these outfits look amaze. Chuckles at tropic fish re tweeting ya. Kerry.

  8. Wow you have some fab clothes. That green dress looks awesome on you and the Dino necklace. Wow.