Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

 Thank goodness I had the foresight to take Monday as holiday after a a weekend away. I felt like I'd spent the last 3 days sweating and was just exhausted! Wore this outfit to go and do some grocery shopping. As it turns out, still too hot for a jacket (even a super thin one!).
Jumpsuit 24 - George
Jacket 26 - Simply Be
Flip Flops - Ipanema

 Something a bit OTT for a hot day!
 I love these dresses (I have a similar one in white & red) because they are super girly and a little bit like wearing a period costume!
Dress 26 - K&D London via ebay
Flip flops - Ipanema

 I was off to the ballet (Coppelia) after work so I wanted to look relatively smart. I also wanted sleeves in case the air-con was a bit cold in the theatre, but I needed something lightweight to combat the heat everywhere else. Double silk to the rescue!
 I wore all rose gold accessories and then managed to leave all 5 rings in the toilets at the ballet - classy clientèle though as thankfully they were handed in!
 I always think the London Coliseum looks like it was decorated by Elton John!
Dress 22 - Anna Scholz White Label
Rose gold rings & earrings - Silvershake
Sandals - Primark

 I was planning to go for a swim after work at my local lido (scuppered because Thursday nights it closes at 6.30... BOO!) so I wore something that would be easy to put on over a swimsuit. This is a  great jumpsuit (you can see how much it has loosened up with a bit of wear - good old Primark, accidentally clothing fatties again!) but the open back meant I had to wear a jacket with it.... don't think my colleagues have any desire to see my bra!
Jumpsuit 20 - Primark
Jacket 20 - New Look Inspire
Flip Flops - Ipanema

 I've had this dress for a while but I saved it for hot weather. It's really see through as it turns out, so good job I had shorts on underneath!
 Shame I don't have any nude bras!
 Dress 24 - Vintage Evans via ebay
Earrings - Can't remember where I got these, had them years!
Flip Flops - Ipanema

T-shirt 22 - Asos Curve
Trousers 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - Primark

I'm dying my mega white hair today, and chances are I'm not going to get dressed because it's too hot for clothes!


  1. That K&D London dress is GORGEOUS!

  2. Thank you! I agree, I love feeling so lady-like!