Thursday, 17 July 2014

Things you should know....

I tried some stuff from George recently, and here is what you should know....
 This bra is excellent. It's a good shelf bra!
This bra is deformed - avoid!
 This shirt (the size 24) is supposed to be fitted, but really it's just very small! The fabric is a bit rigid despite the stretch, but it would be handy for those of you who need work shirts as it's quite flattering. Size up if you can!
This shirt (size 24) was a decent fit, but I found the fabric itchy.... shame as it is actually very cute!
This shirt didn't fit me and I'm SO SAD! The size 24 was perfect everywhere until it reached my belly and then it became too tight to button up. Gutted because it looked awesome otherwise! If you are bigger up top than in the belly / bottom area you should try it... instant cool!
This oversized shirt is brilliant and I love it! I got the XL and it's really big (would EASILY fit a size 26-28!). It seems that the only form of dipped hems I find acceptable are on oversized shirts! Can't wait to wear this one, I recommend it!

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