Sunday, 6 July 2014

In for a penny, in for a pound.

You see these £2 rainbow mirrored sunglasses? These are the reason I ventured into Primark on Friday. Primark tweeted a picture of them so I went in for a quick rummage. Obviously I came out with a couple of extras, but I was pretty well behaved compared to my normal Primark splurges!
So first things first, I got the sunglasses, but not until I was at the tills (where they were hidden right down the bottom of the sunglasses rack!).
I just had to get this jumpsuit! 
There are loads of summery jumpsuits in Primark at the moment, but the only ones I can get into are the ones made of the mini pleated fabric (I'm sure this has a proper name, but I don't know what it is!) as they have some give to them.
Fabulously long and mega comfy, and pockets which are ALWAYS a bonus! I love the in-your-face coloured floral print too. Anyone under a size 24 should get one to bum about in, I love it! I also spent a whopping £4 on these holographic birkenstock knock-offs. I have never got on with real birkenstocks, the shaping never fits my feet quite right and they are too hard on the soles to mould to my odd feet, but these are super comfy. Primark have loads of holographic shoes at the moment.
The jumpsuit has a wrap-over back so it's easy to get in and out of, but it's quite a deep v! 
I'm properly in love with this one! It's tight when you first put it on, but loosens up quickly when you've had it on for a bit!
 I'd better leave the blogging for tonight eh?!

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