Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Asos sale session

Sorry that I don't have photographs of the Asos items I sent back, but I ordered so much to try for both me and my boyfriend that I could barely carry the parcel to the collect+ shop let alone get it home from work! I'll describe everything the best I can!

First up, the bits I didn't keep!
 My long and drawn out attempt to find a nice white shirt continues! This is nice enough, but for me personally I think it's too long and not low-cut enough. I got the size 24 & the 22. The 22 looked better, but it still didn't quite work..... it's far more creamy in colour than it appears in this picture, which I think might be one of the reasons I'm not keen!
 This coat was not at all what I expected. For one thing I think it made me look like a doctor (!) and it's also quite an odd fabric. It's sort of like white denim. Quite thick and starchy feeling. The size 24 was quite snug on me (smaller than the other coat I tried below which is a size 22!).
I was GUTTED about this jumpsuit! It looked so so nice on, but it is made from a super thin synthetic fabric which is enormously static and just clings like mad to the skin. SUCH a shame! I wish this had been more like cotton, it would have been perfect! I tried the 24 and it was exactly the right loose fit for this style. BOO!
I wasn't sure about this one. The 24 (non-stretch fabric!) was just above my knee (longer than in this picture) and was generally a nice fit apart from the sleeves which were a tad too short on me and so the gathered wrists were stupidly tight. The colour is fantastic and I love the smart but casual style of the neckline, but when I realised it had a dipped hem I just couldn't keep it. I don't think the hemline suits the dress. Shame, it's would have been great as a top!
 This jacket is a nicer fabric that I was expecting, but still a little bit thicker than I had hoped. It's an odd shape on me. The 24 is tight-ish on the top of my chest and bottom / belly, but big on my boobs and waist. Basically it's too straight up and down for my shape, but otherwise I kind of liked it!
 I was gutted when I tried this on. The fabric and print is awesome in real life, but the size 22 was SO TIGHT across the top (above the boobs) that it was unbearably uncomfortable. I normally get a size 20 in asos swing styles so it's bonkers that this one is so small across the shoulders. I actually wonder if I'd need a 26 to comfortably wear it, but I can't find out because it's now sold out in the bigger sizes :(
This dress could have been cute, but the bust is just so badly fitted.... the 24 is really tight and flattened my boobs but then had odd bits under the armpits that stuck out and looked baggy and unsightly. If your tits are small (or under your armpits!) then you'll be okay with it. Bummer, the colour and print was cool.
This playsuit in size 24 was... well, lets say 'fitted' shall we?! Quite tight, but in a deliberate style and I would have kept it if it weren't for the fact that it was so short in the body that it gave me less of a camel toe, more of a full-on hoof! Only good for those of you with a short body I think. Shame because it is super cute otherwise!
These were a bit unusual so I thought I'd try them out. Size 8 (one size bigger than I normally wear) wouldn't even slightly go on my feet. Designed for women with insanely petite feet I feel!
 On to more successful items! I love these shoes, they look excellent on and of course the holographic strip is what first attracted me to them... magpie like!
 I hardly ever wear heels nowadays because I have to do too much walking and take public transport all the time, so I like to have smart pointed flats to go with my dresses. Looking forward to wearing these when it's not too hot!
 The blue and red version of my beloved black and green Aladdin boots FINALLY went into the sale and I obviously snapped them up since I got so much wear out of my other pair! As with all asos shoes I got a size 8 in these and the shoes above, even though I normally wear a 7.
 I've been wanting some non-jersey culotte types shorts for ages, and when these went into the sale I figured I try them....
I love them, and for £12 I've already got my wear out of them! These are a size 24 but I would have been fine with a 22 if I'm honest. They're ideal for hot weather because they're short and lightweight, but long enough to prevent chub-rub. I've mainly been wearing them at home in the garden or while I've been cleaning, but I think unlike my jersey version (which are a bit shorter and stick to me more) I would be confident enough to try wearing these out and about.... I'd take some anti chafe gel just in case they got rucked up mind you!
 The last thing I got was this trench style mac. I had to think about this one for a while, because I thought it was going to be a good summer coat, but it's actually quite heavy and thick. I'm also not a fan of grey, not on me anyway! The thing is I have not been able to find any flowing trench style coats anywhere else, so I decided to keep it anyway.
 I really like the style of this. The detailing is really nice. The fabric is a sort of tiny waffle-like style in look and feel, which seems to have a bit of stretch to it.
The clincher in my decision to keep this was really the sort of cowl neck on the coat when it's zipped up. This is the 22 by the way, and it's a nice fit!


  1. Those shorts are adorable! I wish I was confident enough to wear shorts, but I just have horrible memories of either the tiny PE ones that rode up between my thighs or the massive baggy ones I was forced to wear as a chubby teen. Must embrace them (as soon as the sun comes out) x

  2. Thanks for the review. I've been drooling over that swing dress - but I guess I better re-think what size I might need.

  3. Yeah shorts are a strange one for me, because I look shite in city shorts and looser ones can ride up, but I'm hoping that this might be the first pair I can actually go out and about in!

  4. It's such a strange cut! Worth trying thought (if they still have it) because the fabric and print are really stunning!

  5. Hey cass just a heads up that the paisley swing dress has become available in larger sizes again - must have had returns because of the sizing