Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wardrobe weekly

I love my midi dresses on hot days!
I hadn't worn this one to work before so it still felt quite new!
Dress18 (sample) - anna scholz
Flip flops - ipanema

Love me a jumpsuit and love plazzo pants in summer. This is a jumpsuit I got last year from George and it feels a bit 70's to me. Love it!
The shoes are not wide fit, but they kind of expand outwards to fit my feet. I'm excited to have some red pointed shoes at last!
Jumpsuit 22 - George
Shoes - Primark
Earrings - Lanzarote

 I find it hard to dress for this weather (chilly in the morning, mild in the day and warm in the evening!) so I often end up wearing a blazer type jacket!
Lovely maxi from asos curve last year. It's super dooper long so I decided to add a belt as it shortens it a bit.
Dress 22 - asos curve
Belt - from an old Dorothy Perkins dress
Jacket 20 - TKmaxx
Flip Flops - Ipanema

I decided to try out my new denim joggers on Thursday and I'm pleased with them. They're not really denim in my opinion, they're more like a non-stretch cotton sort of deal.
They're thin so perfect for warm weather.  I got the 24 and it's a good job because they're pretty tight on my thighs when I sit down! I enjoy a casual scruffy sort of beach-look in between my dress days!
Top 20 - primark
Joggers 24 - yours
Shoes - New Look

I visited the fam to see my sister (who just had her birthday) and her son who turned two on Friday! 
My pops doing a stella job with the bubble gun!
My gift to the 'lil Nephew
Catching some rays with the dude
It's a bit cooler out west and there was lots of rain so I thought I'd break in my new brogues. Mega comfy! Look at his lush little face would you?!
Top 22 - asos curve (sold out at the moment)
Trousers 22 - Dorothy Perkins (old!)
Shoes - Primark
He can literally run circles around me, but I can be an aeroplane and chase him with bubbles!
We had such a lovely couple of days!

I swear all I did on Saturday was eat! I forgot to take outfit pics before I left my folks so I had to take some when I got back to London! I'll tell you about the coat in my upcoming asos post!
I think I have managed to stain this double silk dress in many areas, but it's such a busy print that hopefully I'll get away with it!
Dress 22 - anna scholz white label
Leggings 22 - south / very
Jacket 22 - asos curve
Shoes - primark
Earrings - h&m (plaited by me!)

I just couldn't face getting dressed and going to the supermarket today, so I didn't get dresses and I didn't go to the supermarket. Fixed that problem! I did want some comfort food though so I had a mega cupboard and freezer cooking session. I made coconut milk rice pudding (coconut milk / cinnamon / nutmeg / lemon juice / brown sugar / vanilla extract / paella or risotto rice) which is stodgy and sweet, then used some frozen berries to make a tart sauce to have with it (basics frozen mixed berries / lemon juice / white sugar)
 I nearly always have some kind of meat in the freezer because I buy little joints when they're on special offer and chuck them & freeze them for when I'm a) too lazy to go shopping or b) too poor to buy meat!. Comfort food for me is often slow cooked meat and mash potato, so I also always have some frozen carrot and swede mash stashed in there too. I always have frozen cauliflower and broccoli because they come in super handy when I forget to get fresh veg! I defrosted some pigs cheeks I got for a snip at the Morrisons butchers (tender and amazing meat that slow cooks quickly because of the small size!) chucked them in a pyrex dish with a random assortment of things I had in the cupboard (in this case - all spice / ginger / cinnamon / garlic / chilli flakes / dried apricot / dark rum / thyme / blanched almonds / honey / lime juice) put the lid on and cooked them on a medium-low heat for about 3 hours. I roasted some tomatoes in there for the last 30 minutes too, just to add to the veg quota! It was actually really tasty for such a made-up dish! I like a bit of cauliflower and broccoli macaroni cheese as a side dish, partly because if I make a big one then we can have it as a main later in the week. My dad sent me home with some MEGA strong mature chedder and it made such a good cheese sauce!

Anyway, that's pretty much all I did today. I'm off now to watch telly in bed while my boyfriend charts out a some music on his new mac-book (flashy git). We can now sit in the same room while I blog and he composes, it's rather nice!

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  1. Let me buy your clothes!! They are beauts. The Anna S (1st dress) is to die for and the jumpsuit! Yummy!
    Kerry x