Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wardrobe weekly

 It's been a joyously short week thanks to my two days off (to recover from my holiday and prepare for the horrors of getting up early and commuting to work again!). We got home on Saturday night at 2am then slept in on Sunday.... lovely!

Sunday was such a beautiful day that it made being back home much more bearable. Obviously we had to go out in it so we went to the martket and the park, then to our friends for a BBQ!
Eat all the food? CHECK!
 Lightweight dress and summer hat was necessary (I still had sore skin from my sun-cream reaction so I protected my face with this!)
Dress 24 - Ruby Rocks for Evans
Hat - Primark

 I was still reminiscing about the holiday on Monday so I sat outside in the sun and did a crossword.... not quite as fun without my other half but warm and lovely!
 Lying in my garden & appreciating the beautiful trees (even though they make all blocked up and snotty in summer!)
Vest 20 - Primark
Shorts 22 - Asos Curve
Shoes - Primark

I properly cried when I heard Rik Mayall was dead. I feel sad when famous people I like die (I'm not a robot!) but I don't normally weep. Rik is a whole different matter though. One of my first crushes and one of my all-time comedy heroes. I've been watching all my Rik favourites whenever I get a chance. If I still had a VHS I'd be watching the Dangerous Brothers too! RIP to one of the funniest men ever to grace our screens.... 56 is no age to die :(
 Dress 22 - Crazy Clearance
Shoes - Primark

I didn't intentionally wear a 'I'm in mourning' outfit, but I do appear to have worn all black on Tuesday!

So, first day back at work and I knew it was going to involve lunch in outside at a mini food market and zumba after work so I went for my trapeze dress and wore my zumba leggings underneath as chub-rub protection! I've been going almost entirely make-up free since I got a bit of a tan (just a bit of under-eye cover), it's been freeing!
Before my holiday I ordered some stuff from Silvershake (my favourite place to get proper jewellery from!) and my box of goodies were waiting for me on my desk when I got in to work. I got the ballerina earrings I showed you in my last wish-list post, and lots of rings in different sizes to wear all over my fingers.
I've got some of the rose gold rings on here (I LOVE ROSE GOLD!) and I'll show you the silver ones when I wear them. Such bargains, so very lovely.... they call them wedding bands but they're like £3 each so I'm not wearing them as wedding bands, obviously! Go to the site, type in 'ring' and arrange them in price from low-high and you'll find some lovely simple stackable rings (I had to resist getting a set of black bands too!)
Dress 16 - Primark

 On really hot days I think it's wise to wear the thinnest fabric possible, and double silk is ideal. I love my silk dresses in summer, they're totally non-sweaty!
 Dress 24 - Anna Scholz White Label
Flip Flops - Ipanema

 I have been WAITING SO LONG to wear this dress! I got this in a charity shop ages ago and I was so excited about it.... bold stripes and bright flowers?! SO PERFECT!
 After work I met my boyfriend on the South Bank for some mental Jazz from Polar Bear (more his thing than mine!) and then some street food followed by a cocktail in a nearby Jazzy bar.
 I wanted to look pretty so I thought this dress would be perfect for the heat and our evening. I saw a lady wearing the big Tatty Divine Dinosaur necklace while we were in the bar (I told her it was fabulous which made her smile!) and it reminded me how much I want something like that. I'm not spending £130 on a plastic necklace 'cause I don't have that kind of money right now, and I'm not really interested in getting a 100% knock-off version, but I'm on the look out for a something similar. I hope ebay will provide!
Dress size ? - Vintage
Slip 24 - the cotton one from my Asos Curve Crochet dress (re-homed!)
Shoes - Primark

 Saturday was a busy one and I totally forgot to take outfit pictures, but I wore my Forever 21+ leopard trousers and my Asos curve black wide-neck t-shirt. We both went to the huge Tesco in Streatham to get our eyes tested at their opticians (more on that coming up in a future post!), then we went for a swim in the new pool next door, then did a grocery shop. I made my first ever Kedgeree (thanks to Jamie Oliver and his 15 minute meals!)

Barely got dressed today, but made gazpacho, a chocolate cake, Nigella's prawn cakes (with a tangy salad) and another 15 minute meal (Rosemary chicken with polenta). It's been a tasty weekend!

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