Monday, 2 June 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

 I am currently on my way to Lanzarote so if you're reading this then my first ever scheduled post has worked! Hurrah for the week I had to endure before my hols being a short one!

 I decided that I haven't worn this excelent skirt enough.
 I don't know why it's never occurred to me to wear my plain black top with skirts before!
 I always used to wear plain long sleeved tops, but I think the is the only one I have left.... funny how my old style is coming back round and mixing up with my new style!
Top / skirt / leggings 20 & necklace - Primark
Shoes - Asos
 I had mega pink lips but I'm still thinking this lippy is too purple for me!
 I liked the top pulled down too. I'll wear this again for sure!

 Shirt 24 - George
Jeans 22 - Asos Curve
Boots - Asos
 I love these jeans. I wore them for the whole day at work and they are basically perfect. I think all women like me with big thighs plus a big round bum and protuberant belly should get a pair. They're mega comfy, super tight on the ankle and the perfect height on the waist. Remember, if you have a big belly get your normal size but if your waist is smaller than your bum & hips then size down!
 I was working in the studio and then went home, but if I'd been going out in the evening I would have worn the shirt like this - the jeans don't hide my double belly, but they shape it up rather nicely!

 This is such a good everyday wear dress, it's become my favourite thing to throw on!
Dress 24 - Matalan
Leggings 22 - Very / South
Shoes - Brako via TKmaxx

 This is the first time the weather has been right for me to wear this dress to work. Thanks again to Taking Shape for giving it to me, I got lots of compliments!
Dress 22 - Taking Shape
Leggings 20 - Primark
Shoes - Asos

 You've seen this one already! Vintage & Primani.


  1. I love your first outfit in the black and pink! The fit and fabric on that skirt are just perfection! Thank you also for putting that size you tried in that Taking Shape dress. I've been looking at some of their offerings, and there are quite a few dresses I'm taken with. I've seen a few bloggers modeling their pieces, but they haven't stated what size they tried on, so I really appreciate getting a sense of how their sizes run and fit. The peach, pink, and rose print is such a pretty combination and looks really lovely on you!

    <3 Liz

  2. I'm glad you find it helpful! I hate that so many plus size bloggers don't talk about sizing, that's why I always put the size down! My taking shape dresses are such good quality, I really recommend them!